Blue with a hint … of teal and silver

blue abstract sphere painting, oil painting in blues, circles in art, painting in blue, enso zen art,

There is no running away from blue, or from cobalt teal blue.

Nor… would I have it any other way.

Soothing, refreshing. Immersed.

Drawing the eye inwards.

blue abstract sphere painting, oil painting in blues, circles in art, painting in blue, enso zen art,
Blue: Sphere in Oils

Blue Circle

Basically it is simply a circular form, created by using darker tones on the outer edges and going lighter inwards.




Painting Materials

This blue sphere was cropped into a square format.


Its an oil painting, not acrylic.

A few have asked if it might be an acrylic.

I chose oils, as I wanted their buttery feel, their radiance, their give;  their ease of getting my edges ‘just right.’


By limiting my palette colors it helped to keep the feeling calm, fresh, relaxed.

Choosing to use primarily the blues, with a pop of CTB. (cobalt teal blue)


White was used in abundance.

White is the most important color in oils or acrylics, in my opinion.

Unless its liberally, wildly, used – the painting’s tonal values will often be unsuccessful.

They’ll have plenty of mid tones and dark tones; but will lack the much needed Light tones.    





I used a brush on the large canvas I had made myself.

I do not do this often. Its a big project. Time consuming for me as well.

I prefer to just go ahead and buy good artist’s quality, premade canvases.

For those curious, the size of the entire image was 3 foot by 4 foot.


Something I feel is quite important and mention to students is regarding quality design and thoughtful, planned out construction  vs the size. 

Monday Mountains, watercolour miniature landscapes,
Miniature Mountains    (size for each     1/2 inch  x   1/2 inch)


It is often far more of a challenge to create a truly well balanced, unified painting on a smaller, miniature scale than the larger formats.

So, its not necessarily the case –  that if a painting is big,  it has more worth.  Or quality.







I mentioned last week in Enso Moon,  that I would show the entire image … later.

This blue enso partners well with my blue sphere in oils, so I’ve included it today.


If, you haven’t read Intriguing Circle in Art  – Enso  this might be just the right time do it.



moon enso, enso circle, apanese zen art, circles in art, relaxing with art,
Moon Enso   …  blue,  with hints of silver













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    1. thanks Anneli! those colors are so appealing to people (us) LOL You. made me curious!
      so now, maybe I will have to fiddle around, and see how it looks on my society 6 products. sigh. more work. Laughing! thanks A 🙂

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      1. I love yellow. On other people! lol
        when my sister was over, I had the most fun… she let me be her ‘designer’ and we went shopping. she loved it. not that she got everything I’d suggested of course. but she began to see herself through my eyes… and how magnetic one feature could be & to flog the dickens out of IT !!

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  1. I love your oil painting Debi – I love the colours and I love circles. I very much like your miniature landscapes too – interesting that smaller paintings can be more of a challenge than larger ones and that they are not worth less because they are small……

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