Haunting Magic of Nature

Haunting Magic of Nature

Nature.  The allure of those hushed and quiet spaces.

Spaces  So quiet,  yet filled to overflowing.


And when you leave them,

as you do –

they will always,

haunt your memories.


Those spaces never,  really leave you.


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Colors of Nature,  The Quiet Space impressionist watercolor


Impressionist Watercolor

A simple scene.

Pared down to a minimalist design.



Using the least amount of paints and brushstrokes possible.

Yet, striving to make each one of those,  imperative.




No more.  No less.

It is a hard task to restrain the compulsion we all seem to have ….. that calls incessantly for “More.”



But if you can do it, then the viewers’  can also see what you saw and felt:


That haunting magic Nature speaks through color –

in the quiet,  filled spaces. 





Make It Count

The key with this painting, was to make every thing I did, each step moment by moment…. count.

To be fully present.

From the selection of brush, paper, paints, music played, techniques used, brush stroke direction and number.


I made each mark relevant,  as the clock ticked.




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17 thoughts on “Haunting Magic of Nature

    1. thank you, glad you enjoyed the quiet nature of this piece. And, I think its as if the paints and the color and sedimentation occurring were Enough… there was no further need for frou frou, details. 🙂 cheers, Debi

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    1. thanks Maureen! it draws one in, I think. kind of like how I feel alot of times looking at your water and fog/mist photos you share….. pulled into the image, and really feeling the place and space. almost in a spiritual sense. ephemeral

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  1. I love impressionism, especially when combined with watercolour. I love the simplicity and minimalism. “Make every brush stroke count….” that’s a phrase I’m going to remember forever Debi – thank you…. !

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    1. my pleasure! thank You, for a lovely reply E 🙂 Artist Toko Shinoda made every singe stroke MEAN Something! I return to looking at her work and contemplate, often.

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  2. Hi Debi,

    Lovely colours, could you tell me what they are, apart from the Teal Blue. I am assuming Daniel Smith.

    Many thanks,


    From: debi riley Reply-To: debi riley Date: Sunday, 29 October 2017 01:27 To: Larry browne Subject: [New post] Haunting Magic of Nature

    WordPress.com debiriley posted: “Nature. The allure of those hushed and quiet spaces. Spaces So quiet, yet filled to overflowing. And when you leave them, as you do – they will always, haunt your memories. Those spaces never, really leave you. Im”

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    1. thanks!! yes, lunar black + quinacridone sienna, ultramarine blue + cerulean blue. and CTB…. I’ve been mixing and blending the DS lunar black since the 90’s and always come up with new blends, still. it is so fun to play, invent recipes with!! cheers, Debi


    1. thank you, yes I guess at times the simple things are the ones I can take the most enjoyment out of. Glad that you enjoyed as well Anthony! cheers, Debi 🙂


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