COLOR Moments #12

bold cool sea colors, watercolor abstracts in blue, cobalt teal blue pg50,

Past and present.

Color in brilliant bursts of blue, red, orange.

A kaleidoscope of  Fun…..  x 12


bold cool sea colors, watercolor abstracts in blue, cobalt teal blue pg50,
Cool Colors #1


Expressive Color


Favorite #1

Watercolors, bold free…. and that lovely Cobalt Teal Blue!  This just reminds me of the sea…… leading us to



The Sea, palette knife acrylics fingers and hands. Such Fun!



palette knife sea beach painting, cobalt teal blue pg50, prussian blue pb27, Daniel Smith paints,
The Sea, palette knife #2




Pure thick slathered on acrylic paints.  Really for no other purpose than it just seemed right to do so!  Hints of teal peek out from midst the scarlet, here and there. Phalo green enters the picture but not as a drama queen, more of a guest appearance.

I liked her subtleness.  Subtle….Yugen.….. an element of Wabi Sabi.

You can find more on this in my 7 Days of Zen series. All 7 posts are quite informative explaining about zen, Wabi Sabi, the Asian concept of finding beauty: in the imperfect, impermanent, the unfinished.

My best series I think so far!


teal blue with scarlet red abstract painting, palette knife art,
Teal amidst Scarlet#3




Channels The Tide Change

Love the organic flow of this “pouring” painting done in acrylics.

Soft muted orange and blue, a favorite pairing of mine.

acrylics, water on sandy beach,
Channels …. Tide Change  #4




This seems to be popular with a lot of people.  What I like about it is the random abstracted pattern of the melting snow. That. Is my fav part.

popular mountain in blue,
Snow Melt…. Olympic Mts. Pacific NW #5




Autumn Wow!

Pastels over watercolors.  A painting, ‘not yet resolved’ went on to become something special.

It was awhile before I figured out just what needed to be done.

But the very long, wait was worth it.

Put your paintings away, in a “Later Box” and bring them out when You, are ready.


Autumn Color watercolor landscape, how to fix a watercolor painting, fall tree colors,
Autumn Watercolor Landscape w/pastels   #6




painting the nude, cobalt teal blue pg50, impressionist watercolor nude, figure after Matisse, creative life drawing,
After Matisse, in watercolors #7

#7  Influenced by Matisse

#8 Influenced by Matisse

Both are unique.  Both are most assuredly influenced by my love of Matisse and Color.


#worldwatercolormonth, ultramarine blue pb29, abstract art,
Bold Ultramarine watercolors  #8





Fire and Flame petals with cobalt teal and ultramarine vases.

I certainly could not resist the color lure the arrangement offered.

Blues and Oranges.  Yum.


color medley on monday, floral painting,
Color Medley….  at debiriley Society       #9




Abstract acrylic cobalt teal blue with orange accents.  Begun as a  free spirited monoprint using strings to curl and move throughout the image. It could be a pond, or undersea coral, or florals… or whatever really.

It doesn’t matter the what.  What makes this work, is that inner response we have towards it.

acrylic fluid painting techniques, cobalt teal, gelli plate print,
Summer’s Dream: Golden Fluid Acrylics   #10




Shadows across the Land – watercolor, acrylic in a creative expressive imaginative approach.

Who.  Would have thought to portray the sunset quite this way?

No gentleness to it.  But rough and abrupt.  The land is deep in shadow.

Painting something

in a different way…… is a thing I enjoy.


I’m not a fan of painting things that we all have seen a 1000 times before.  There needs to be Some New story,  some new mood, message to show or tell the audience.  That is my goal, at any rate. Sometimes I win, sometimes I learn.


Shadows watercolour landscape viridian and ultramarine landscape
Shadows across The Land  #11



Golden Outback

This acrylic painting tells it like it is.

Hot, dry and barren.  Beautifully rough and rugged. Solitary out there, in the Outback.  Ancient land with every rise, every stone worn by blasting sun and winds.

But still,  it is  Beautiful.


cobalt sky acrylic landscape
Golden Outback Bright Cobalt Sky  #12




Hope you have enjoyed my Gallery of 12   “Color Moments”  this Saturday.

Most of the images were from a couple years ago.  Some were, New, to you.

But They each represent a unique moment.

Where I’ve attempted to express in color what I’ve felt and seen.




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19 thoughts on “COLOR Moments #12

  1. Oh my gosh you’re prolific!!! It’s so hard to choose a favorite from those I really like, but here goes; Channels- LOVE THIS ONE! The movement, and colors are so serene, Autumn- Swoon! Are those Aspen?
    The mountain I think you called Snow Melt…YAASSS! Love that one, and strangely for me the one you likened to Matisse. The architecture is mesmerizing! I see a the tower as a rocket, and the blue sky is space. The dome building is Ground Control. The Sun is shining so the mission is starting on the right foot. 🙂

    Art is nutty like that isn’t it? I wonder if anyone or you see what I see, or would have seen it had I not said what I see. You know it’s a bit scary putting oneself out there saying what they see when it’s “art” and not clouds.

    I think it’s fair to say I liked your group/post of 12. 🙂

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    1. oh wow, I utterly loved your Ground Control!
      that was super amazing 🙂
      it makes me think of doing collaborative type work some day, some time. Never thought I’d hear myself think That.
      Autumn was done based upon memories of white birch trees from the Pac NW. Channels…. no brush, ever touched it. I poured paint and rocked the canvas, that was it! but, it so worked out.
      Thank you so much, Deborah, for a Fabulous response !

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  2. Love all and I can’t choose which are my favs, so inspiring and I need to go back and look at your Seven Days of Zen all over again, time for another study/look. I think that I’ll challenge myself this week, hey, just an idea, can you give me a prompt? just one word or two words and I’ll see what comes from it. I am not looking for a thing or subject, rather more of an essence, feeling, something very Zen, you know what I mean…..Thank you in advance!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. yes…. a prompt…. lets think, hmmm…
      A river spirit?
      from either high above aerial, or subterrannean, or as vapor…….. that should, get you going. You have The Yuba, The Spirit, and the Way of the Brush. so off you go!!! should be Fun adventure 🙂

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    1. thank YOU! that is amazing, I really wasn’t expecting ‘other people’ to like this one…. its different and quirky. just color and texture. So, Thank you 🙂

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