Colors …… Move us

the nature of color, color theory, colorful flowers, abstracts,

Colors move us in ways we often can’t articulate.

We just can’t seem to find the right words that express how deeply we’ve been touched.


the nature of color, color theory, colorful flowers, abstracts,
Colors …. Move us


Inspired by Color

This morning I was inspired.

My rose garden, it had some lovely buds bursting into color.

I picked them.


My wonky abstract, warped frame and all, called out with its summer colors.

I played matchmaker.

I set the two of them up together.

It seemed to me, they belonged to each other. A perfect fit.

Then I hastily shot a few photos, in the subpar gloomy light.

I gave up at 12, the gloomy dark room was making the shots ‘too hard!’



 Love of Color

The love of color has been with me from my earliest memories as a toddler.

Mother’s bright yellow floral silk scarf,  hot pink and deep magenta sweet williams with soft sage green stems.

Glacial rivers, frosted cobalt teal blue rushing down the high mountains.


Yes. I remember.  Those colors, still move me.

I think, I’m always in tune with the colors surrounding me.

Looking. Listening.




color accents, abstracts orange and pink flowers,
Color accents


Colors and I


Lucky me, I am an artist.

I can play with colors as if they were musical notes.

I can see and feel the wonderful melody that we have created.

The colors and I.



colorful abstract, bold roses from the garden, colors of the rose,
Color Filled …abstract and roses


Aristotle and Art

Aristotle had wise words, that have resonated deeply with me.


He said,


“The aim of Art is to represent   not the outward appearance of things,

but their inward significance.”




With color as my Muse, this is easier – simpler to do than if a photograph was the Muse.

If documentation of the precise item, with all the specifications, ratios, angles, etc. were the Muse.




This Week’s Lesson in Color

Our class lesson this week focused on techniques of using Color.

On allowing  color to run free.


To permit color  – completely unforced,  organically, to   move on its own.

It moved wonderfully within the lines drawn – lines drawn simply,  “with a clean and very sloppy wet brush.”

It was fun.

It was exciting. It was Color moving!



This was one of the best lessons I’ve presented. There were a myriad of learning outcomes from this one exercise.

It was also a challenging lesson.


It is so difficult, to let go.

To restrain one’s hand from ‘stroking that Color on.’

Rather than easing, pouring, touching the colors to the paper.

Its difficult…. to allow the brush to merely ‘kiss’ the surface dampness of the paper.


I know,  it is.

But the rewards were magnificent.


And the freedom of brush, hand, arm, shoulder, mind gained by practicing this exercise can not  be undervalued.


You don’t have to be a painter, an artist, or even in an art class to try this approach.

You. Can try it at home.

With any kind of fluid liquid paint that will Move.  You could try it with food coloring. Why Not?!



The Abstract and the Rose Bouquet

The bold orange, blushing pink petals,  scarlet crimson and pale ivory white lace – aren’t they gorgeous?


Color …. moves us.



colors of the rose, abstract paintings, color moves us,
colors touch …the soul








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20 thoughts on “Colors …… Move us

    1. thank you Maureen; I have to confess I was really Spirit Inspired. It was, that sudden knowing of exactly what things to do. So, I’m not going to take all the credit here!!

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    1. I think Anneli, its all about the contrast; the white Light tone enhances the tone of the color. usually a mid tone. so even though I am a colorist, I still have to bow before Tonal Values, first. waaaaah! laughing!

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  1. You are so right about how colors move us. Your color combinations here are so soft and romantic and striking. The realistic roses against the abstract background is stunning. The roses look so realistic it’s hard to imagine that you painted them. The vase too. Simply stunning.

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    1. hi Deborah, thank you! but…. I must explain! The roses are live and it was that contrast, I was enamoured with. abstract summery painting in back, with the vase of bold live roses in front as a photo. contrasting, but still – in harmony. I do think that idea of yours is brilliant; and I may try it on another abstract later. It would be a fabulous experiment I think! Thank you 🙂 cheers, Debi


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