Inspired by nature, but absolutely abstract.

I’ve had fun painting my CTB #9  using hands, fingers, brushes, fork and palette knife.

Whatever was in the studio, was fair game!


acrylic mixed media, abstract on paper, cobalt teal blue pg50, prussian blue pb27,
Cobalt Teal Blue abstract


Cobalt Teal Blue –   CTB

Cobalt teal blue, prussian blue, quinacridone gold and white was the color palette I chose to use.



Cropping the image

Which way?

It is so fun to play, to look at your paintings from every angle.

Upside down, from the left or the right.

They often ‘tell you which way they want to go.



I’ve cropped the image in several ways.

Its a great idea to explore the ways the image might look, if presented in differing forms.

Different formats.




We do not always have to remain locked in to a pathway that does not serve us, when another could be far better!

Be Flexible.

Be open to the possibilities your painting might point to.


acrylic mixed media abstract, cobalt teal blue, inspired by nature, art by
Vertically Versatile



Preconceived Rigid Ideas

That,  for me, was the struggle I had most when I first began to take my art seriously.


I’d usually set out with having one very narrow, defined idea.

It was locked rigidly in place;  in my mind of just how I wanted that image to turn out.


The problem was ….. often the painting seemingly took a life of its own.

And so I fought.

Argued, cajoled, and tried to beat it into submission.

This. Did not work.

I just ended up with lots and lots of very over worked paintings.



Listening, letting go, Fun…..

Then, the penny dropped.

I began To …listen to the painting. To the materials, to the subject, to the  feelings…. and let them make themselves be heard.


It was hard.

That is not “normal.”

We should be In Control.

In Charge.  Telling them, making them do what they are supposed to.

Do what we want. To bend to our will, as we will, and as we determine.  That should be how it goes!

That’s what I thought. And that is why letting go, was so difficult.

At first.


textures in abstract art, cobalt teal blue pg50, prussian blue pb27, debi riley art,
Textures with cobalt teal blue abstract


Its much less difficult now.

and…  it is

Way More FUN!!