Featured today… simply,Β  because I like it.


impressionist watercolor, bold and colorful landscapes, mixing blues,
Watercolor Loveliness


Watercolor Landscape



This remains, one of my favorite paintings.




It goes unnoticed for months on end.

Stacked in a pile, amongst the many.


Every time I get it out again, it is like a new painting. Its’ loveliness …. fresh, sparkling, happy.

And it makes me smile.






23 thoughts on “Loveliness

    1. HI Jodi, thanks.
      Well, its very very OLD, super tiny too! only about 4 x 6 inches. and was painted…. at least, 15 years ago. but there is something about it, that calls to me. One of the very few, I do not want to sell, market, pass around, maybe one day…… LOL

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  1. Simplicity-beautiful
    Are you familiar with Frans Lanting’s photograph of dead trees silhouetted against a sand dune in the early morning sun? Your painting made me think of it. There is the same abstract push/pull of color.

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