Ink in October

cobalt teal blue water, watercolor landscape with ink,

Old work, remodeled.

Some of you, might be smiling about now.

At any rate, I always enjoy the challenge of transforming previous, older art images into something different and new.

Something with a refreshing look to it, that catches the eye.

It IS Possible.


cobalt teal blue water, watercolor landscape with ink,
Cobalt Teal Blue and Ink



Watercolor and Ink

Ink in October   started this week’s series.

Now I want to do something with an older piece.



Changing it up.

By cropping a significant portion off the top, which previously was very distracting, the eye now drops down into the image.


The right side was altered as well.

At first with paint. Then,  when that was ineffective, another significant crop went into place.

The left side has a very slight amount of cropping.



I used the ink with a pen this time.


The snow patches on the mountains, I chose to change.

Going  from soft and gentle snow areas to Sharp, abrupt and very Abstracted patterns.



Directional Line Movement

Also,  you might take notice that the 3 directional lines are in place in this image.

Lots of diagonals, which create movement, action, energy.

A few horizontal lines to create solidity, stability, calm.

Some verticals are in there too.

But these are much more subtle in their placement. They are there though. Verticals act to provide some sense of energy, action.

The diagonal creates a more intense sense of energy, action than does the vertical.


Balancing the 3 directionals is a good tip for us to try to remember when we draw, paint, create.

It provides a more balanced and interesting design.





Something Different

I wanted the watercolor landscape

to be different. 


To be something you don’t see all the time.

Everywhere.    And then forget in 2 seconds.




For artists,  remembering that you can  recreate things is liberating.

You can turn shapes (ie snow on mountain)  into Abstract patterns and shapes.

This is one of the easiest ways to start learning how to paint and create abstracts too!






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