Hints of cobalt teal blue peep through.


black ink abstract on watercolors, cobalt teal blue, winsor lemon, debiriley.com
Black ink for drama, on watercolors


Black Ink


Dark intense black ink drawn and splattered across the painted paper.

Those dark lines rivet the eye and act like magnets.

Some areas of ink were allowed to bleed and merge, just a little.


This was an abstract.

Simply fun.  An experiment, if you will.

And while I may not be super crazy about the entire composition, I really do enjoy the color pairing.



And Watercolors

The cobalt teal blue and winsor lemon watercolor mixing on the paper looks gorgeous.


And the Ink marks and lines and splatters, I love too.

Overall, it is, an interesting image.


One that I would want to pursue similar pairings in the future.





A final note.

I think it is relevant, and important to bear in mind  the white space. 

The colors used plus the deep dark of the ink could have very easily gone overboard.


How? Why?

Eagerness and enthusiasm.

In the excitement of getting to paint, one often just “keeps on putting the paint and marks on.”


This image has kept a fine balance of light…. white of the paper being left and the tones of the paints and the black ink.



You could…. refer to Tony Smibert’s art works and/or  Toko Shinoda.  Google or Pinterest has plenty of images and examples that you can see how brilliantly they use the space in their canvases and papers.