Going to the beach.  Feel like joining me? The water is warm, really!

Looking at the surf, the sand, the crashing waves. Relaxing…..

Strolling along, playing in the warm wet sand. My feet are wet,  and pants now soaked to the knees!

Just having some fun, down at the beach.


sea shore impressionist oil painting, moods of the ocean, conveying the essence and spirit, beach painting in oils, debiriley.com
going to the beach, oil painting


The Beach

It can be So inviting.

And then, so stormy, dark and rough.



evening sea tides, dusk on the sea, photo, debiriley.com
Evening Sea Tides


Always something New

So many faces of the sea, the beach, the shoreline.

Something new, something different every time.

No wonder we never become tired of going down to the beach.


I don’t go nearly as often as I’d like. It is a bit of a drive for me.

I should go more often though.




Plein Air

In a couple of homes, we lived just a few blocks away from the water.

Fortune smiled.  Lucky!!

Living so close to the water was a real treat for me and I would take full advantage of it, nearly every day.


That’s most likely  the origins  of my “Zen Strolls”  come to think about it.


That regular ‘zen’ experience of strolling the shores,  was certainly a period of time that has impacted my art.

These walks and their images are imbedded in my mind.

And, you probably can tell this, through the art I create and how I create it.





I think, this is one of the reasons I so strongly advocate beginners paint outside.

To paint from Real Life, from real objects.

Things that they can touch and feel.

Things that reach in and touch them.

Not to rely, depend, need, photographic references for every painting they create.



Touch the audience 

It is this way,  that the Spark, vigor and vitality of the subject  (whatever it is)  can be conveyed onto the paper or canvas.


If the artist has been touched and moved emotionally by the subject,

then they have a chance to create something that touches and moves the audience…the viewers.


Which is, of course my goal in painting.

To express and touch, to move the audience.


Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

But, I always have that as my destination.





Sea and Beach Images

Beach and Sea shore photographs and paintings showing the differing moods, days, feelings the sea and shore evokes in us.

The Sea and beach, for me its a bit of zen.   


indigo blue, naples yellow, cerulean blue, ocean coast painting, debiriley.com
Cerulean and Naples Yellow, Indigo     –     Along The Shores


indian ocean photos, debiriley.com
Indian Ocean in 4, debiriley.com





ocean waves in blue oils, abstract painting, debiriley.com
SeaWaves, at the Beach, oils (c) debiriley.com





Sea Foam in cobalt teal, photo Esperance W.A. debiriley.com
Sea Foam  photo



cobalt teal blue pg50, paints, ocean beach photo, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal At The Beach  photo



Acrylics Impressionist Beach debiriley.com
Acrylics Impressionist Beach and landscape debiriley.com





sea waves green, glass bottle green sea, colors of the sea, photograph of waves, debiriley.com
Seawave Kalbarri, photo





watercolor ocean plein air, cobalt teal blue sea art, debiriley.com
watercolor sea



creative experimental watercolor techniques, watercolour abstract seas, blue lagoon painting, debiriley.com
Sea Coves, experiments in watercolor



Through the Trees Darwin debiriley.com
Through The Trees Darwin   photo




My Featured Painting “Going to the Beach”  was done in oils, on canvas.

The canvas size was 3′ x4′ it was large and fun!  I used a brush this time.