Loveliness and Sunshine!

expressing mood through color, mixed media floral paintings, colorful orange pink flower art,
Sunshine… in a flower



Painting Techniques and Materials



I used Saunders rough watercolor paper, dampened.

There were 7 sheets about 1/4 sheet and 1/8 sheet sizes lines up for me to use.

I need to paint quantity; production method in order for me to NOT fiddle and over work my paintings.

Thats what it takes, so thats what I do!




Rose madder genuine watercolor was washed on in 3-4 places, lightly.

Mainly, because I just like the Rose aroma that it releases, to be honest.


Acrylics were white, naples yellow, quinacridone rose, orange, crimson.


And lastly,

Indian red acrylic ink for final accent touches.




The tools used were: a palette knife pk1008,  a skewer, hake brush.

Plus,  my hand and finger to smudge and soften edges as needed.



Really, all I wanted to do, to convey was floral sunshine – happiness and cheerfulness.

That was, the target goal.


I enjoyed the movement, the freedom, the “lack of rigidity” this piece has.

So overall, I’m content.





I must say that of all the tools, brushes, etc. on the market to use to paint with,

the one I always return to with the most enthusiasm and excitement

is the wonderful Palette Knife PK1008


I seem to always be just a little bit sunnier, right after having the total freedom of using PK1008.


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