Beautiful blues and crystal clear turquoise waters of the sea, seem to always draw us closer.

Well, those colors mesmerise me at any rate!


creative experimental watercolor techniques, watercolour abstract seas, blue lagoon painting,
Sea Coves, experiments in watercolor


Watercolor Experiments

This was a lovely fun experiment.


Just simply pouring paints on and then watching their tiny particles float and drift, then finally sink as they dried.




You’d have to be an enthusiastic artist to admit, that watching paint dry…. was fun and entertaining.




The Surface

I think with this one, in particular using the ultra smooth clayboard surface really did the trick.

The pigments were allowed to do what they do best, they were not fiddled with; the loveliness of the flow was never disturbed.

The board, itself worked with me, worked with the paints and ย kept the translucency so pretty and lovely.




Using Daniel Smith watercolor paints was extremely enjoyable.

Lunar Earth, and Prussian Blue were the 3 major players.

I did add a touch of buff in 2-3 spots later.

“Judiciously” ย of course!