From a distance, across the waters,

in a gentle mist and cool greys

the landscape appeared to me like a watercolor waiting.


modern minimalism art, impressionist watercolor landscape, semi abstracts,
Watercolors – Across The Waters


Watercolors: Gentle, Relaxing


Soft clouds, mountains and trees across the still morning waters.

The delicacy of edges dissolving and floating.

These things I do love.



I was stirred and inspired.

By things overlooked, passed by, things others might not be so inspired by.

The watercolor painting,  Soft Trees across the waters,  stirred my imagination to wander again……


To try again.

To push the boundaries of blurred lines and edges even further.

To see “what would happen.”


beach clam diggers painting, watercolor beach, impressionist landscapes,


Different Materials

And so with only it, (Soft Trees across the waters) as my mental reference…… as my “spark,”  I set off.


My materials were different though.

I used a Hot Press smooth Watercolor board and cool colors with a wet on wet application.

This definitely created a new message, a new atmosphere from that initial source.




Soft blurred edges and shapes,  feel so out of “control.”

Don’t they!?

But thats ok.

These images are  for me.



I don’t  have to let anyone see,

if I don’t wish to, do I?


They are expressions, a way of communication.

Your Art is personal.

It is meant to be unique.


And,  it is different every time we ‘speak’

each time we get our brushes out.






Edges of Watercolor

Hot Press and types of papers 

 Watercolor techniques 

Control, Perfectionism and Fiddling