The Lily Pond

The Lily Pond

The lily pond.

I was, in a way, inspired by Monet.  But, No…..

Monet never created nor painted quite like this. Showing the dark and the shadowed side of nature.

His lilies, lily ponds, his fields, his canvases were more Dreamscapes. Filled with the sunnier, brighter side of day.


It is admittedly, the approach I too generally follow.


That’s not the path this subject wanted to follow.

It  spoke of a different message altogether.

I sighed, and went along with it.


Artists really are   “co creators”   for the subjects themselves,   reveal how they want to be portrayed.


digital photography Luminar, canon rebel 600d, meditational writing, zen poem, lily pond photograph, communicating through art media,
Lily Pond




Silence splatters down

like rain


tear stains of scarlet

upon the quiet


little lily pads

now stained


remaining silent

they listen



and waiting





silence’s echoes

are washed away




lily pond in deep purple, nature photography, cool palette blue green and lavender,
Deep Pure Purple and Blue






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    1. thanks, it does give off the Autumn vibe feeling Anneli. I thought it would be good, to have two images of differing ‘moods’ – as I do talk often about moods, feeling, etc… in art 🙂 LOL thank you!!!

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