… the flowers talking

“And lastly, since I have you all here in one place, I have something to share with you.

Along the garden ways just now…I too heard the flowers speak.

They told me that our family garden has all but turned to sand. I want you to know I’ve watered and nurtured this square of earth for nearly twenty years, and waited on my knees each spring for these gentle bulbs to rise, reborn.

But want does not bring such breath to life.

Only love does.

The plain, old-fashioned kind.”



quote by Joshua Braff, flowers speak, iris macro photography, pearl white petals, canon camera 100mm macro lens, debiriley.com
Flowers Speak, along the garden….



Written by:   Joshua Braff,  in the Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green.

The excerpt was found on page 172.



iris macro, pale lavender flower photography, debiriley.com
iris petal





Garden Path Flowers 

Faces of flowers 






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