Bold, yet harmonious in its own way.

Filled with colors, flecks and splatters.

Filled with

so many imperfections.



bold colorful impressionist landscape, loose and free landscape paintings,
bold colored hills



Watercolor Impressions


I like it, full of those flaws.

Its real.

It has Character.



And definitely has its own vibe to it.

A rough and bold feeling.

These hills don’t seem timid nor shy.



Watercolor paints were poured on, splashed on, skewered on and splattered on.

The painting is I’d say, rather abrupt, and gets right in your face.



It has the audacity to be flawed, and to like it.





A word I may choose to think more on….





I did this painting quite some time ago.

It sold. I’d forgotten it.


Then I discovered my photograph I’d taken before it sold.

And it left me thinking,  I really need to return to that same level of freedom.


That ‘bold devil may care’ attitude.

Heedless of any  petty imperfections, to just – Paint!




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