Looking …UP

Looking …UP

Faces up turned

gentle whispers

soft reminders


macro purple flowers, canon rebel camera, being positive, debiriley.com




 Inspirations of the Flower




purple flowers soft focus, use macro lens, debiriley.com
Loveliness of looking up





bee on pale lavender flower photograph, debiriley.com
bee  UP







20 thoughts on “Looking …UP

  1. This reminded me of a friend who is obsessed with taking pictures from underneath looking up. As is your hanging to the stem, looking up at the sunlight through the flower.

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    1. Thank You Sawsan! I find this is a great exercise for me, to try to look at things from different viewpoints. And not just art wise either! LOL The doing so in art, trains my mind. Sadly, I can – all too easily, become stuck in a routine 🙂 does your friend have a photography website by chance? I’d love to see! cheers, Debi

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      1. To try and look at things from different viewpoints. I’m with you.
        She doesn’t think of her seas a photographer. I love the photos she takes. Her name is Carolyn Avalani. She’s a teacher, counselor and writer.

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      2. I had a quick, look just now. I didn’t yet, see her photos…. but got involved in reading the Rebelle Society. So fascinating. anyway, will search more for her photos 🙂 Thank you Sawsan!

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