In The Fields – silly saturday

meadow of yellow flowers, canon rebel eos photography, nature walk,

Its Saturday, shall we just for a moment, be a tiny bit silly?  I will, if you will.

In the fields, are weeds.

Are tangles of overgrown grasses. In the fields, just around the corner block, a perfect spot.

I lie amongst the fields of yellow, those ‘weeds’ and grasses soon to be mowed down.

And find myself…….

at eye level.



finding nature's treasures on walks, fields of yellow flowers, canon rebel eos,
In The Fields  and just…around the corner




meadow of yellow flowers, canon rebel eos photography, nature walk,
In Amongst Them


In The Fields

This had to be, the shortest of all my zen strolls.


It seemed as if, every thing was lovely.

It was a beautiful time of the day.

The sun was shining, but not pelting down.

The breeze was there, delicately. Nice.



Everything was lit up with a softness and an appealing luminous freshness.

Grass, weeds, dandelions.





They took on a new and oh so interesting look.

Now more like Cinderellas dressed up for the ball and not the overlooked, plain wallflowers that soon get mowed over.




Yes, yes but I found I quite enjoyed the oddness of looking into the weeds as if they Might Be Pretty.

As if they were the forest.

As if the grass stalks that swayed in the gentle wind, were meant to remind me of something……


nature walks, zen strolls debi riley, yellow flowers in the field,
grass in the wind




fresh yellow flowers in the field, flower photography,
Fresh, In Yellow


A Fresh,  Look

What glasses, did I put on this morning you ask?

Surely, the World and its troubles, can’t have overnight by magic, changed.




I did put my artist eyes back in.


I did go out on the stroll …Resolute.


Filled with purpose, to discover things of loveliness.



No, I don’t have rose colored glasses on.

I see and hear the same news as everyone.



My attitude was adjusted today.

I heard what was being whispered so softly.


I listened.




And I am keen on safeguarding my artist creativity, joy and light.

To not let the woes steal them away.



The  Julia Cameron book,   The Artist’s Way   that I’ve been  rereading, is such a great read.  Old.  And worth a second read.




Silly Saturday

Silly Saturday today, with its playful and different take on those pesky Weeds, was both fun and a little bit serious.

But Just Right, for a Saturday.




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13 thoughts on “In The Fields – silly saturday

    1. laughing! I thought they could be… but, they are going to get mowed over by the council. it happens each year. I gather you too have that book 🙂


  1. Such pretty weeds and flowers. Agree that they can look so pretty – it’s just a matter of how we look at them sometimes. I like that word a lot – changelings. It sounds quite, but it also sounds like something strong enough to change and present that change to the world. Spring is here in Australia, hooray. May we see more lovely flowers and weeds like these 🙂

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    1. Mabel, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed these… and They were indeed pretty! Perth Spring is precious. Are you able to get out in the bush much to see the flannel flowers, gymea lilies blooming?

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      1. It’s still a bit cold here in Melbourne, around 12-13’C in the day and single digits at night. Might hold off going out into the bush for a bit until it’s warmer. Haven’t seen much blooms around either. Hopefully soon 🙂

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    1. occasionally, David. when I choose to see it that way. 🙂 but, come summer – you know, there is another name I have for Perth. LOL thank you!!


    1. that is fantastic Andrew. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. It is a lengthy process, and I’m no where near half way. Still.
      I know! … (its the journey…) 🙂

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