Crazed and Hot Ravine

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George R. R. Martin may tell us, “Winter is Coming;”  but in Perth, Summer is coming. 

The bone scorching days when even the flies fear the day and the air con in a tantrum, commits harakiri to get relief.

This very small (2 x 8 inch)  watercolor painting of  The Ravine,  is my tribute, to “summer is coming.”  Tongue in cheek, of course.


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Hot Ravine


Watercolor’s Hot Ravine

I love this poem, “March” by Boris Pasternak.   It fits my painting perfectly.

I’ve only included the first two lines, as its really much longer.  You might Google it, to read the full poem.




MARCH    by Boris Pasternak


“The Sun is hotter

than the top ledge in a steam bath.


The Ravine,


is rampaging below.”






The combination I used with the stark flat Cobalt Blue sky  and the burnt orange, terracotta soil as the ravine crumples and falls…. seem to convey the heat, ‘just right.’


The foliage on the tree is barely visible.

On purpose.

The heat shimmers so strongly the colors and tones blend and nearly merge as one.

As they do, when its 120+ degrees.





Using the Vertical format,  extends the drop.

Causing the eye to fold down, following the bent lines of the ravine to tire us out.

Its a workout, in this heat.

A horizontal format would have been easier, lazier, more ‘chilled out.’  This vertical makes us work….in our minds.



Using different shaped formats for your paintings to assist you create and express a mood, story, message is another tool for the artist to think about. To harness.





Love Spring

Its Spring right now in Perth….. beautiful. pleasant.

So very enjoyable.

Zen strolls, abound!

Filled with loveliness.



Just wait and see my next post for some fun bright and  oh so  Spring,  shots I’ve just taken.





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