Mixed Up media

Mixed Up media

Words and letters lie scattered upon the Acrylic painting. Mixed up.

The letters’ dark hard edges ย in sharp contrast to the enveloping pinks, oranges, scarlet and salmons of the background.


mixed media in pink and orange, acrylic contemporary art, using words in paintings, debiriley.com
Mixed up media


Acrylic Mixed Media

Its a mixed media piece; ย begun with watercolor, adding some textures and finishing with acrylics.

Fairly large at 22 x 30 inches, its a full sheet.

I haven’t used many colors, keeping the palette to prussian and indigo blue with the pink, orange and rose.




New Art Destinations…

Its not a typical approach for me. Its very different.


But, by going to new travel destinations on occasion, it helps me develop further.

To stretch.

It helps to broaden my horizons and appreciation of new forms of art.

To not stay stuck in my comfortable artistic rut, creating the same thing, week after week.



Surprising Outcomes

I enjoy this image, though I didn’t think I would.

The text, the words and letters, randomly falling and all mixed up – look intriguing.

It may not be ‘my thing,’ no.

I’m not on the “Text bandwagon” for good.

But I certainly will be tempted to do more in this style, (on occasion) in the future.



Materials Used

Watercolor Paper 22 x30 inches 300 gsm recycled and gessoed Saunders

watercolor permanent rose washes

Stencils letters and circle patterns

acrylics white, indigo, prussian, rose, scarlet, orange

old brushes and house paint brushย 

palette knifeย 




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