Forest floral meditations

Araluen spring flowers, being in the moment, a meditational approach outdoors, nature photography, macro lavender purple flowers, lovely flowers debi riley art,


Thats the word I’ve been contemplating lately. Both in paint form and photographic form.

Sign of the times, perhaps.


Araluen park, Perth flowers, macro flower photography, meditation in nature,
Loveliness, hidden in forest shadows


Flowers in the Forest


We were strolling through Araluen’s  forest and the quiet shadows, peacefully.

Araluen Park is a rare treat here in Perth.  Situated just minutes away in the hills, its high enough to achieve a bit of coolness.  Just enough for some of the more temperate Northern Hemisphere plants….. camelias, daffodils, hyacinth, pansies, violets.  These, don’t stand a chance down here in my scorching gardens of sand.



I was thinking.  Contemplating.

Contemplating that for me – photography is like a meditation.

Its art.

It is a type of loveliness, that I wish to share, with others.

Its a gift.

It is also a form of practicing good health.





I don’t pretend to think I’ll make millions on my art images.

Nor to be the most popular artist.


Indeed thats never been The Point.

 But to  enjoy the process of creative expression peacefully, with loveliness, sharing that very idea, with others.


Who then in turn can pass that idea along to others.

That. Is the Point.  For me.



The conveying of essence and spirit is what drives all my art, paintings and photographs.

Details. Precision.  Are Irrelevant.



Feelings matter most  

The heart is always  more important than  a machine like perfection.

For me.    We, are all different.




Araluen spring flowers, being in the moment, a meditational approach outdoors, nature photography, macro lavender purple flowers, lovely flowers debi riley art,
simply, Now….



Right Now

When I look at the firm edge of a floral petal emerging from the soft mistiness of the background, what do I really see and feel?

I feel grounded in this very present moment of now.

Not yesterday nor tomorrow.



The soft blurred foreground and background simply do not matter.

Only the single petal reaching out, exists at that moment.



That is a form of meditation.

Of peacefulness.

Of  loveliness.




No more chaos, right now….

When I see everything,  in 100% sharp focus –  the foreground, the middleground, and all the background as well…. it is just,  more of the chaos we are already bombarded with.


A bit of meditative respite, rest is called for.



Thus,  the reason why so many times you see so many bountiful, soft edges in my art images.

Inwardly, I think I’ve won a prize when one of these With its Soft Edges,  looks just right.  

When it is expressing: Loveliness.    



macro flowers in blue and lavender, Araluen spring flowers,
respite from the ‘chaos’


Stop. Pause, Look Closer

I hope this post has revealed to you a few insights into some of the forms meditation might take.

That you might begin to look at soft edges

with new eyes and a fresh understanding.


And, when you are walking

in the forest shadows,

you too, might

pause and breathe

and see the calm

pure loveliness of that moment.










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14 thoughts on “Forest floral meditations

  1. Your words express exactly how I felt as we enjoyed our walk in the shade of the Pacific Spirit Park yesterday. Your Araluen Park sounds like a little piece of heaven too and your images from it are little treasures 🙂

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  2. Loveliness is what leads to the highest quality of godliness. And for this to happen all the mental faculties of creativity have to become one so much so that proper meditation happens.

    Thanks for the enlightening article.

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    1. thank you Philip! yes, your words say it so well. all those: loveliness, meditation, godliness and creativity are so linked and intertwined. cheers, Debi

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