Part of the fascination with paint, is how it reacts.

Its innermost response.



Daniel Smith watercolor Lunar Black, Quinacridone Sienna, mixing browns in watercolours,
Painted Bands of  Lunar Black + Quinacridone Sienna



Inside The Pigments

Paints,  do things.

Very interesting and lovely effects are created when 2 paint pigments – meet.   Some hit it off and are an immediate winning pair.  Some, you just don’t ever put in the same space together again.


“Each paint pigment has differing compounds, different ingredients.”

Just as sugar, flour, salt, vinegar are different cooking ingredients and cause uniquely Different Consequences; so too,  paints are different.

With unique and interesting results when paired in specific combinations.



It is endlessly fascinating and creative.

To see how the different pigments respond to each other; edging inwards, layering and blooming.


Looking like painted bands of sediment from deep within the earth’s hills and cliffs.

Or speckles, or rivulets….


For me, its as if each time, is a surprise.

A mini Christmas unwrapping…. to see what’s IN side.



Granted, while many of you may not be as keenly interested as I am about each paint’s ingredients;  you might be,  quite intrigued with What effects these paints create.  




Peek In:  Snippets of Colors

A few samples, test strips and snippets of the intriguing realm of pigments –

A look, Inside.


Daniel Smith Tigers Eye, Amazonite, Impressionist landscape,
Looking Inside the colors, test studies



Daniel Smith watercolors, zoisite watercolor green grey, Impressionist landscape trees, water and tree reflection painting, simple easy beginner watercolor landscape, art basics debi riley
Zoisite, test sampling



daniel smith watercolors, lunar black mixes, prussian blue pb27, phalo blue, naples yellow Daniel Smith watercolor mixing, Impressionist watercolor landscapes, basic beginner watercolour techniques in color,
The Hill in Lunar Black Naples Yellow




creative possibilities mixing new colors with Daniel Smith watercolors, Purpurite soft purple, texture and granulating paints in watercolours,
Purpurite-Indanthrone, creative possibilities





Blue Storm Watercolour
Blue Storm Watercolours Indian Village handmade paper



a mix of blues in watercolor, use yupo for abstracts in watercolor, prussian blue pb27, indigo blue, ultramarine blue pb29, indanthrone pb60,
prussian, indigo, ultramarine, phalo on yupo




daniel smith watercolors lunar black, impressionist landscapes, abstract landscapes in watercolor,
lunar black and quinacridone sienna and   prussian blue





I never tire of the seemingly endless possibilities of unique mixes that they can create.

And  – simply by taking  a couple minutes  to mix 2 odd new colors together.  I learn.


(Reminding myself, I don’t have to spend all day.  Nor stick to my normal, usual colors)

Then quickly,  I jot it down, before I forget!

I do Save the sample, for later.

Remember my ‘Later Box?’

Looking   In side  that box is fun.




Colors I can suggest:

For those who might have some questions about colors….

Colors I’ve been playing with and learning from most recently:

Light Red, Buff Titanium, Lunar Black,  Phalo Blue, Raw Umber – yellowish nuance,  Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Sienna, Zoisite, Purpurite, Amethyst,  Naples Yellow (DS) brand only,

and basically …. all my blues.  You know I’m using Prussian!


That Raw Umber, (with the yellowy undertones)  wow.

Winsor and Newton’s is a warm yellow based raw umber, btw.

It is so great to mix with your blues to come up with foliage greens that are natural.  That belong in the landscape.

I especially like the Raw Umber with prussian,  ultramarine, phalo.     But, it also is Ideal to tone down, subdue, any of those tube greens you do have… like sap green, hooker’s green, olive green.

Raw Umber is like a magic wand with those greens! Voila.  Suddenly, the greens look more natural.





I paint often just to see,  what happens with the pigments paired together.

I enjoy the mystery, the adventure,

the surprise of what’s IN side.  


I’d color mix all day. And have.

With no product painting to show at the end.


Just a phenomenal amount of learning.

Oh…. and Fun!