Pinks and Greens, a field of flowers.

Like Degas’ dancing ballerinas the tulips and poppies move in concert.

My mind, is painting. And that’s a start.


Arulean Spring flowers, pink tulips, nature photography, Degas pink dancers,
Pretty Little Dancers


Spring Flower Dance


Amazing, isn’t it?

I’m wondering how I might communicate such joyfulness.

How I might express the loveliness of their dance.


I’m wondering if watercolors  like this …..  would do the job, or acrylics?


Impressionist watercolor flowers, bright colored flower painting,
Watercolor Patio Flowers



Maybe a palette knife on a large canvas. Something wild and free, perhaps like this…….


acrylic knife painting summer garden
Palette Knife Acrylic Painting, Summer Garden Blossoms,



Arulean Spring Flowers


After 4+ hours of roaming up and down those slopes,  I think I need to let it all sink in a little while.

Use some patience.


Its nearly overload.

But, oh my,  what gorgeous-ness in pinks in greens.  

And serenity.





tulips in a field, Arulean spring flowers, Degas pink dancers, macro flower photography,
Little Pink Dancers, in the field



Degas’ dancing ballerinas,  looking so much like the field of tulips and poppies.

I couldn’t resist including his stunning pastel painting.

And, that cobalt teal dress alongside the pink… that, ensured that  I most definitely did.


Degas pink and cobalt teal dancers, flowers dance, macro flower photography,
Degas, pink and cobalt teal dancers in pastel



Arulean spring tulips, macro photography tulips, field of pink tulips,
pretty pink tulips as they dance



Arulean Flower Gardens

There was so much more than even all the glorious colored tulips.

A pond like Monet’s, magnificent magnolias, tumbling waterfalls in mossy dark boulders.

And the wisteria hadn’t even started yet.


It was a painter’s delight.

It would be a marvellous idea  to take the paints and go one day.

And now,  I’m wondering…….  who to go with!!






Edwin Curran,  “Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound.”