Music in Pink

flower poems, Edwin Curran, pink gentle sweet flowers, macro photo of flower,

Flowers are the music of the ground…..


flower poems, Edwin Curran, pink gentle sweet flowers, macro photo of flower,
Music in Pink



Flowers Music to the Soul….



“Flowers are

the music of the ground


From earth’s lips

spoken without sound.”        Edwin Curran




A Chance Discovery

I discovered that first poem by chance while looking for a poem for this photo.

I liked Curran’s phrasing;  how he painted with words.



I looked a little further, to see what else he might have in wait for us.

Finding another of his poems just as appealing,   just a little bit lengthier.



I’ve included  Curran’s  “The Painted Hills of Arizona”     even though its not flower themed.

Still, its lyrical and lovely and fills the soul.





The Painted Hills of Arizona 

The rainbows all lie crumpled on these hills,
The red dawns scattered on their colored sills;

These hills have caught the lightning in its flight,
Caught colors from the skies of day and night

And shine with shattered stars and suns they hold
Dyed yellow, red and purple, blue and gold.

Red roses seem within their marble blown
A painted garden chiselled in the stone;

The rose and violet trickling through their veins
Where they drop their bright curtain to the plains

A ramp of rock and granite, jeweled and brightening
Like some great colored wall of lightning!




Red Sky of Fire  

Skies of Eidolon -Night

Bold color on the Mountain  







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    1. hi Karen, I’m happy you enjoyed this macro. You’re spot on too, its not the pure pink, but gentled. dusky. Pink, is having a Revival! LOL cheers, Debi

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