Pinks and Greens, in the Forest

spring pink blooms, nature walks, flower photos in pink, relaxing in nature, zen strolls,

Another zen stroll. Not so leisurely as most of my strolls but still enjoyable.

This time,  there was a deadline.  I was On the clock.

In the forest.



walking in the forest, zen strolls, nature photography, meditation in the forest, colors of the bush,
Discoveries to be found, in the Forest


Begin With A Plan


I went with one purpose in mind.

However, the weather and wind refused to cooperate.

I tried to get the shots anyway.  But you know when you begin to force things, they only get worse.


Tick Tock

On the clock.


I didn’t have time, to get all snooty with the weather.

To grumble and whinge about what was going wrong.

I needed to “find things that were going right.”


I needed to get on with it.

Find some things out there in Nature that were just as appealing.

Just as lovely, exciting and enticing as what my original plan was.

I could do it.


forest pink blossoms, zen strolls, Perth, meditation in nature,
Forest Pinks


I found a gorgeous shrub, decked out in pink and cream blossoms.

The dark olive green needle like foliage paired beautifully with the pinks.

The previous post about how color talks, how it expresses feelings,  played a role in my choosing this specific combination.

Its definitely a softer look.

Much more delicacy is provided here, than the prior post’s color  palette of red, black, yellow and cobalt teal.



I went out, with the sole purpose to get some shots of the scarlet flame trees reflections upon the pond.

I pass it by nearly every day, telling myself “one day.”

So off I went, to finally accomplish my mission.

And failed in getting it done.  I’ll have to go back, of course.



I chose to bend. I chose to adapt.

My purpose had to change.

I chose to alter my mental outlook.

From being cross that my goal was being thwarted, to being interested in the challenge of a  New Goal.



it reminds me of, well, Painting!



spring pink blooms, nature walks, flower photos in pink, relaxing in nature, zen strolls,
Spring Pink



Building…. character and skills

I believe that this photography event, what happened, was better than my planned version.

It was character building.

OK that sounds horrible to us all, I know it!


But, its true.

I didn’t get my way.

Yet, I chose to make the new path a better version,  better than my original planned path.


That, is the secret

of how I can  become a better artist.  


And Perhaps, improve in other areas as well.




There are many,  discoveries to be found in Nature, in the forest.

One needs to always be asking,  inquiring to find those discoveries though.


nature meditation, relax in the forest, landscapes to calm and soothe,
in soft lavender pinks



The trees had their say.   

I guess its nature’s way.

Its lovely, finding peaceful places even when you weren’t looking.



And I did make it to my appointment with time to spare. Just.





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    1. holly yes! I was surprised at the photo in a good way. it was the only fast, snap!! and it did turn out. lucky me, LOL Glad you enjoyed the post, the forest and seeing the lovely patterns 🙂 cheers, debi

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    1. Jodi, how lovely you see it too! This was a first, I’d never seen this bush before… it was a surprise. And those Pinks had their own mood… sweet, soft, full of contentment. Happy you liked them 🙂 cheers, Debi

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