Colors talk.  Colors communicate.

They evoke specific moods and messages that are quite clear.

Nature uses color all the time, very effectively, to communicate.


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Red, Black, Naples Yellow and Cobalt Teal:  Colors Communicate



Color Communication


One of the most effective forms of expression.

No ‘words’ needed.

Just the colors.




Creative Artist Expression

As Artists….

We can cleverly use  strong (or soft & delicate)  expressive colors to communicate ‘a message’ with our viewers.


We can choose what we intend for them to see and feel, through our color planning choices.


But first, we need to understand the specific colors.

Understand what each specific color can mean, can represent, in order to help us harness a color.


Using color purposely this way  can make your art far more interesting.

Richer, more layered. Intriguing.

Getting it out of a tired old pattern of painting that may have gotten you bogged down in a rut.





Color Meanings


Out in Nature, when we see red, black and yellow together, often it serves as a warning.

A red flag,  if you will, that the object may be dangerous.



Cobalt Teal Blue 

This cool color is so calming, refreshing and relaxing many of us almost immediately think of tropical holiday waters.

CTB has a hint of playfulness to it that can bring out the inner child.


Naples Yellow 

Definitely a warm, golden glowing yellow.  Alone, or without the red and black, it probably would give off a more welcoming vibe.

Happy, joyful, content. Cheerful!



Is an extremely powerful, dominating color.

It exerts its force of will over nearly everything else, even if in tiny proportions.

Red is associated with warning, danger, power, authority, aggression.

It Shouts out. Its as if, its in all CAPS.

Vibrant Red, really isn’t a shy little wallflower.




Black can be many things!  It can be a neutral, at times and in certain circumstances.

Often, it is just so strong and powerful that its impact overwhelms the rest of the colors.

Its linked to things that are dark and foreboding, death, but also authority, power, strength and solidarity.

Again this is one that can takeover, even in small doses.




For me, with this image,  the saving grace was the cobalt teal.  As it is, its a very dramatic abstract.

With warning colors right through the painting. I wonder what I was thinking at the time. Maybe its a good thing I’ve forgotten!