Nature’s Way… Naples Yellow Sky

Naples Yellow sky and velvety Prussian Blue.

I’ll let the colors do the talking.

Let Nature tell you the story.




Daniel Smith watercolor palette, Naples Yellow, prussian blue pb27, impressionist watercolor landscape,
Naples Yellow Sky, watercolor duochrome







    • thank you Karen, it was fun and fresh and relaxing. and I know I usually can’t go too far wrong with those two, as a pair. Glad you enjoyed the “golden Duet” 🙂 cheers, Debi

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    • you are so KIND and thoughtful, thank you Evelyn. as you can imagine…. this type of thing is right up my alley. it is, fun. no pressure. no worries. just magical things that might happen. 🙂 do you have daniel smith naples yellow? it is The best, brilliant at doing this. cheers, debi

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    • yes, the front was dry brush; the back was a flat wash. then I “allowed” the Prussian to ‘escape’ in the 3 chosen spots. permitting the blue to encroach and rise up, into the naples yellow, to do its thing. the Daniel Smith naples yellow is brilliant at this type of response.


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