Water Color Collage #worldwatercolormonth

#worldwatercolormonth, creative collage, watercolor techniques, debiriley.com

Paper as thin as a bridal veil.

Revealing more than it covers.

Dimpled and heavy, rough papers; and lovely silken smooth,  velvety papers.

All that fun I’m having,  tearing my beautiful papers up.



#worldwatercolormonth, creative collage, watercolor techniques, debiriley.com
Creativity with Collage, watercolors



Watercolor Collage

Ripping, shredding, tearing.

But it is not really a ‘destructive’ process.


I’m building. Creating.


Ever so slowly, constructing art.

Yes.  I am still having a go with my on going Collage Project!

There is more information in Tearing it Up about the collage, and the slow progressive steps I’ve been making.





nature photography, pond reflections in color, blue and purple tree reflections, debiriley.com
Upon the waters


I included the photos of Upon the Waters,  the pond today  because,  I feel they tie in with my collage.

The colors and the  ‘feel’ are largely, simpatico.


Even though, the photo of the pond was not my reference source for the collage…..  you can see How It could have been!

You can see,

how you could go out, take photos and then use your photographs  with your imagination and your creativity to do like-minded, inventive things in art.


There is no greater joy,

no greater satisfaction – than inventing something.

Creating something.  Building it…  yourself.




#worldwatercolormonth, watercolor collage, debiriley.com, watercolour creative fun techniques,
The waters, watercolor collage



The rectangular design,  loses a certain ‘something.’

The featured, cropped square format seems to me to be a tighter and more unified fit. A better design.

You may find that your preference is for the horizontally placed rectangle.  This does provide a more relaxed feeling, whereas the square is more sturdy, upright, and has more of an immediacy.   There really is no right or wrong, its personal preference.




nature photography, pond reflections in deep blue, debi riley artist, creative photography, debiriley.com
Darker Reflections, on the pond

This is the same photo, but I’ve gone darker and moodier.  Less color shows.  Its as if night has nearly come.






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On the waters 

Tearing it up 

Entwined…  for the excerpts on  (Contrasts,  Square Format, Limited Palette, and Wabi Sabi a sense of unique character.)



Collage           Acrylic and Fabrics…..   on a canvas 

Wall art Debiriley Society6.com
coral pink   –   collage on a canvas






I love papers and experiment frequently.

The feel of the various types, its quite amazing.  Its like different types of fabrics to touch.

Some of the Papers I used include: Masa, Stonehenge, Ho Sho, Shirakaba, Arches cold press, tissue paper, Somerset, Lennox, Fabriano.





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