Colors shining.

In violet, indigo and pink and gleaming ultramarine.

They dance, these colors.

Softly. Upon the waters.


nature photography, pond reflections in color, blue and purple tree reflections,
Upon the waters


From The Pond

be still and just BE….

just breathe

until you hear the colors sing and come to life



sit by the pond’s edge

and wait….


and wait,

until at last,

you hear

the silence






The photograph,  IS the Art


They dance, these colors.


strong in their silence

Upon the waters.



No need to “paint it”

its already finished.


No need to tame it

its not that kind.


No need to do a thing –

but simply,

join the dance

upon the waters.





Creating, Recreating, Transforming


With this image, I was able to take the ‘not too bad’ photograph and transform it.

Into how I wanted it to be.


How it looked in my mind’s eye, for just a flash of a moment, at the time I was sitting at the pond.

And I imagined the colors deeper, richer, with more indigo and magenta.

I imagined,

the strength of silence combined with those colors.



Sometimes my efforts work out.  Sometimes they don’t.

It is, as always, a roll of the dice.  


Isn’t that, the fun part?!