Colors of a Summer’s Day

abstract expressionism, art from a child's eye, painting fresh and freely,

Brushstrokes of Summer Joy.  Radiantly bright and bold.

The colors, the flamboyance, the sheer energy and freedom of a Summer day.

Speak to us, in the enchanting voice of a childhood lost and found.


abstract expressionism, art from a child's eye, painting fresh and freely,
BOLD Summer Day Colors, abstract by Thomas



and Create.


How easy it is for some!


When we were still children, it was easier.  This imagining and creating.

It was  a natural part of life.

Like Breathing.




Bold Summer Day Color …..  Seen with a child’s eye.

Amazing how pure those brushstrokes are.


How fresh.

How unmuddied.


How fun!





10 Learning Points and What I enjoy about this:


  1. The small hints of foliage mint greens that ‘peek’ through.
  2. The very bold golden yellow at the top, hinting… at summer sun.
  3. Cobalt turquoise… just because, I like it.
  4. The alizarin in fluctuating tones, lighter and then so deep and dark.
  5. The colors are, all, echoed throughout the image for a wonderful sense of Harmony.
  6. WHITE Space!  that is so important, don’t fill it all in. It gives us… room!
  7. The energetic attitude of the artist as he painted is clearly visible, in those brushstrokes.
  8. It has a sense of design and movement; its not flat nor static.
  9. It has fabulous ranges of tonal values within this painting.



Imagine and Create

10.    Its very Abstractedness, invites the viewer’s imagination. 

And that is the secret thing, we artists all want…

To engage you, the viewer, completely into our world, even if only for just a brief moment!





We wonder.

What was this young man, thinking at the time?

Was he looking out into the bright gardens outside?

Was he remembering some gorgeous colored birds from a zoo?


Or …maybe he had a quick flash of memory and the colors popped into his head as he thought of the wonderful stained glass window he passes by so often?



bird photography, Perth zoo, bright colored birds,
Bright colors



Balmain NSW colorful stain glass window,
Colorful Window



A thank you goes to the young artist, Thomas,  for allowing his work to be ‘on show’ for all to see.







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