Captivating Colors of the Sea: Indian Ocean

Captivating Colors of the Sea: Indian Ocean

Colors of the sea, returns!

With cobalt teal blue… you knew I would.



indian ocean Perth, Western Australia, colors of the sea abstract in oils,
Captivating Colors


In the style of Rothko….

these gorgeous colors

ultramarine blue and cobalt teal blue captivate.







18 thoughts on “Captivating Colors of the Sea: Indian Ocean

    1. Anneli, this is the kind of image that sings to me.
      I know, there is ‘nothing’ there.
      But for me, it conveys such feeling with the 2 simple colors blending, I loved it. I am pleased that you so enjoyed this art work as well! πŸ™‚
      thank you, Debi

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  1. 2017 And here we are again at World Watercolour Month.!!.Spendid..Good Stuff!!
    Wow..Terrific Colour Portrait. Your Blues are SO Inviting..Debi.
    I learned of Mark Rothko on your WordPress, great style, and Colour creator..
    Most Certainly, Love Today’s Painted Expression!!
    I feel poetry and pulse bouncing out from the Page.!!.cobalt and teal Neauty..

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    1. refreshing cobalt – yes πŸ™‚
      I’d post more of It… but, then we’d all get way too bored! cheers, and hope you had a refreshing 4th


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