Captivating Colors of the Sea: Indian Ocean

Colors of the sea, returns!

With cobalt teal blue… you knew I would.



indian ocean Perth, Western Australia, colors of the sea abstract in oils,
Captivating Colors


In the style of Rothko….

these gorgeous colors

ultramarine blue and cobalt teal blue captivate.









    • Anneli, this is the kind of image that sings to me.
      I know, there is ‘nothing’ there.
      But for me, it conveys such feeling with the 2 simple colors blending, I loved it. I am pleased that you so enjoyed this art work as well! πŸ™‚
      thank you, Debi

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  1. 2017 And here we are again at World Watercolour Month.!!.Spendid..Good Stuff!!
    Wow..Terrific Colour Portrait. Your Blues are SO Inviting..Debi.
    I learned of Mark Rothko on your WordPress, great style, and Colour creator..
    Most Certainly, Love Today’s Painted Expression!!
    I feel poetry and pulse bouncing out from the Page.!!.cobalt and teal Neauty..

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