BOLD Summer’s Colors

watercolor beginners painting, #worldwatercolormonth, art is fun,

Topic: Boldness. Confidence. Being in The Moment and Doing what You Love.

Let’s forget about judging. Let’s forget about what other people are going to think. Let’s forget about ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares.’

Its Art.

That means….. its about self expression using whatever art materials you can find that will get your message out!


watercolor beginners painting, #worldwatercolormonth, art is fun,
Bold Summer Colors!    (W/C on HP paper + markers)


Summer Bold

No holds barred.

Bright, brazen colors that leap out and shout.

That’s July for you!!

A month full of celebrations, fireworks and yes,  a bit of 1776 rebellion.





World Watercolor Month

Its July.  #World Watercolor Month.

Courtesy of  our good friend, Charlie at

Charlie’s recent post shared some things with us, Important Things.



“…..there are a lot more people judging it.

I get  less likes  if I do something too quickly and fewer comments,

or occasionally even a  “you can do better” comment.


A part of me was worried and thought, I need to really

carve out more time and make sure I create something stellar.

The original part of me, the one that started this blog,

said, “screw it!” I’ve never been one to make masterpieces.


I just paint what’s in my head and in my heart.


This is something that we all should do first and foremost.

If a masterpiece appears, all the better!


But it should never be the goal.”






Strong Words

Charlie’s words –  are well worth sharing with as many other artists as possible.

If we want to really let loose and create, we need to rid ourselves of the pollution of doing art for someone else to like.

I’m sharing some strong words.   But sometimes I think we really need a good shake up to see the path in front of us.


Painting to please,  is polluting our wells of Creativity and Imagination.



“…but its true”

My heart slowly breaks.

Every time I hear a person describe how their artistic efforts were completely crushed.

By another person’s    “…but its true”  critique.


Please!  Keep those negatives. To your self.

If…. We are in a valid position to assess and to evaluate,  we owe it to that person to do so in kindness.   From a position of caring.

En courage someone.  Give them hope.  Give them a way.

Don’t use truth as a weapon that will dishearten them. and please, don’t say, “toughen up.”


I can still assess a beginner’s painting  & explain the many areas that are working very well, explain what isn’t and how they might solve that, and still finish that evaluation on an encouraging note.  It isn’t too difficult to do this, really!


Don’t destroy someone’s inner artist –  forever,

with hasty untempered,  words.


In classes,  I try, to restructure and reframe how they view Art,  how they view self expression, the validity of play, the invalidation of doing things to please.   This is a very long and difficult journey for most to try to overcome. I’m not perfect.  I’ve made a couple of people tear up.  Wrong word choice!  I was so sorry, and told them so. And then completely reworded the message using more sensitive words and encouragements.  I want these artists, to continue to create. They won’t, if under stress.






Lets return to Charlie.

“just paint what’s in your head and heart….  Masterpieces,  should never be the goal.”




Beautifully said,  Charlie.

Thank You.





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24 thoughts on “BOLD Summer’s Colors

    1. feedback is good!
      even when the weaker areas are needing to be altered, its the “how” its done and the ‘manner, that can block someone from doing art again.
      Charlie’s words, came right on the heels of such a person telling me how their art teacher (adult educator) had laughed at their efforts in class. This isn’t that uncommon, either. sigh…

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m happy to see so many people are being inspired by reading Charlie’s heartfelt words about creating art. It is encouraging 🙂 cheers, Debi


  1. So true! What right does anyone else have to to criticize. It’s like if you were singing in the shower and someone told you afterwards you hit a few sour notes. So what?!

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    1. I’m tough enough, I guess to carry on with how I want to. but its taken time. And so many beginners at art, think they should be producing right now. and when someone a teacher, a partner, parent, a friend…. hints, that “this isn’t good enough” to them. I don’t know how many times, I’ve had to pick up the pieces in my art class from those stabs to my students’ self esteem.

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    1. thanks! it is, Willena. I must go tell Charlie, to. that his post is actually making the rounds in more ways than he knew! lol cheers, Debi


  2. Sound advice all round Debi – we should all follow our hearts, do what we love and not worry about what others think or how many likes and comments we get…. if people like it that’s great, if they don’t they don’t…. !

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  3. A good reminder. We should create first and foremost for ourselves. Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. thank you for your comments! I’m going to pass this along to Charlie, as well. I think, he will be pleased to know his words impact others too. Cheers, Debi 🙂

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  4. With you all the way Debi. I’ve never been a believer in destructive criticism. It should always be constructive and supportive every time. Charlie’s words are certainly worth repeating. It should always be about the journey not the destination. Who cares whether it’s a masterpiece or not. It’s art and its yours and its great. Wonderful bold joyful colors. Nothing better 🙂

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    1. Hi!! and thank you for your feedback Violeta;
      I feel so bad, for those people who’ve been shamed, mocked until they quit. I had to say something.


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