Inviting Imagination …out

black and white flower photograph, changing the message in photography,

Flowers ought to be in color, right?!

I used to always, think so.

Beautiful bright, gorgeous Colors.

That’s normally, the very first thing that springs to mind when you think of “flowers.”

So you ask, what’s up with the Black and White Debi?




black and white flower photograph, changing the message in photography,
Black n White Flower


Changing The Communication


Stripped back and laid bare of the ‘pretty’ colors, makes room for more.

It provides more room for expression, mood, feeling, content, for your Imagination to emerge.



The Black and White tonal values changes the message.

We hear, see and Feel  something different in the image now.


We are conveying more, with less.

The Imagination is free to engage more.




Color distracts.

It really does.  And even though, Color is what I breathe –  the truth is, it is extremely distracting on many levels.


It gets many new learning artists into loads of dilemmas.



flower photography black and white,
In darkness and light



What I’ve done in photography, using only black and white for these flowers, can be transferred to your painting approaches.



I prefer to paint with an extremely limited palette.

Usually 3 works fine.  Sometimes 2 is just perfect….

And many times I suggest beginners learn, for a time, to paint in monochromes to build their confidence.

Doing this creates:  Less distractions.  And you can Say more, with less.



It also will do the same thing that Black and White photography can do –

Invite your Imaginations…… out.









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    1. Your teacher had some really great ideas. Its such an excellent way to keep things from getting muddy and to preserve a lovely luminosity! cheers and Thank you for sharing your comments! Debi

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