Abstractions in Watercolor.

Satin like, Sage green in soft accents contrasting with its opposite, Light Red.

Throw in a dash of Daniel Smith Indigo to merge into the two and we have a wonderfully organic abstract.


watercolor abstract, sage green, light red, works on paper, debiriley.com
Soft Sage Green, Light Red abstract watercolor


Soft… Sage Green


Its a case of how one thing,  leads to another.


The previous post Beautiful Jade Emerald Greens In Oils,

nudged me with the “green” idea.

Those greens were very strong. Very dynamic.



Then there was the next inspiration.   Watercolor Inspired by Peace  

It also helped with the creation of this image and this post.

Leading me to on a softer path.

Creating a more soothing green.



Painting’s Design

If you look, you can see the “Z” pattern shape design.  It is a handy method to lead the viewers into your art image.  This has pulled the eye towards the fascinating melting of color & shape patterns on the lower left side.


Technically, the edges aren’t great.

Neither is the placement for the focal point in the perfect location.


I’ll give it a pass.

I enjoy the image anyway.



….finding the positives and leaving the painting alone!





The Watercolors I used were:

 Light Red

Indigo blue Daniel Smith

plus Cobalt Teal Blue   mixed with White.