Beautiful Jade Emerald Greens in Oils

oil painting abstract textures, palette knife with oils, mixing green paint colors in oils,

Lovely fun greens slathered on like butter. Swirls and dollops of emerald and jade colors rising in relief on the canvas.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

Pure enjoyment of the process.

dollops of oil paint filled with texture, creating contrast in paintings, green oil paints,
Dollops of Paint, calm and busy


Textures in Oil Paints

No barn. No flower. No tree.

No, there’s nothing much to ‘see.’

That is, if I was inclined to be picky, critical.

But that’s not how I’m seeing these at all.




oil paints in greens, green abstract oil painting, jade emerald green oils,
Oil Paints in Beautiful Greens

Lively and Alluring

They’re lively.

So beautifully textural,  it makes me wish for a moment,  that I was a sculptor.


The freshness has a lure.

A pull to it that none of my oh so  labored, overworked and  “over finished”  paintings  will never have.


oil painting abstracts, palette knife with oils, limited palette color schemes,
The Horizon





Where it Began


Before I started, I’d looked through some of my past nature walks.

Zen Strolls.



zen in greens, sparking the imagination, oil abstract beginnings,
Its Zen, gorgeous greens

My eye kept returning to the reflection from the pond. With those gorgeous deep greens.


Thats how I started.

With a thought.  With a feeling.



A color in my mind that sparked creation.


photograph of water reflection abstraction,
Movement on the pond


Playful Rebellion

It is so important, to create.

To play. To explore.


To take the time to engage in the process without any preconceived needs.   

We all know that old saying,

“All Work, No play … makes Jack a very dull boy.”



Its so important that we don’t take an activity we’d  intended for our relaxation, then turn it into  A Work Project.

With timelines,  goals, deadlines, ‘good enough’ ratings,  etc.


Nearly all of us, do it, myself included!

If we think about it though,  we don’t do that same thing when we:  read a magazine, or watch a TV program, or go to a concert, play or movie.


I know we all have that tendency to turn Fun – into Work.

Its been ingrained over the years hasn’t it?


I choose to   not want to go that pathway.

Thats not the road I want to travel.

A bit of ‘rebellion’  if you will.



I’m not a full time rebel.

I rebel when….. I think about it.


Every zen stroll, Every art work…. is an act of peaceful rebellion.


So, my walks are peaceful, beauty filled,  zen strolls.

There is zero aerobics involved.

I get fresh air.

I’m creative,  filling the well.

I stroll about for 45 minutes. Sometimes more, others less.

It is so relaxing, even if its a mere 10 minutes.




oil painting abstract textures, palette knife with oils, mixing green paint colors in oils,
In Luscious Jade Greens, a hint of naples yellow



And my art is created as the mood and spirit moves me.

I’m not going to be pressured, or dictated to.




Its always more about expression and communication of feelings, than replication.

Recording, duplication just isn’t my thing. Thats me.

I’m certain, that the art could be more popular if they were more  Just Like the photograph. More realistic and less abstract.  And….Bigger.


But I don’t Create for reasons other than to simply express outwards, to communicate what I hear and see and sense in the world around me.

As I feel led to do, my own unique way.


That’s all anyone can really do, I think.

Tell it, like you see it. 

How you see it, is different;  

it is interesting.  To Us.    


green falls abstract painting in oils,
Green Falls, in oils


Artistic Authenticity

when I see your art,  or you see mine,

I want to see your tears as they fall, your dance of joy, your bursts of summer sunshine, your silence on the shores, your dark rage upon the paper,  I want to see the truth of your thoughts and emotions come tumbling out in color and textures and etched lines on that canvas.  I want to see for a micro-moment, a glimpse of that beauty that resides within your soul.


Will you do that?










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27 thoughts on “Beautiful Jade Emerald Greens in Oils

    1. Thanks! I like that thought… painter/sculptor. yes, that sounds just wonderful. The real sculptors will be laughing! Very kind and thoughtful comments – thank you. Cheers, Debi

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    1. thank you so much, that is such a beautiful compliment from you Maureen! I’ve always loved to read; and write little stories for myself 🙂 wishing you a beautiful day!

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      1. No, but I can make one up. She and her boyfriend had a fight and she threw her engagement ring at him. Now she’s sorry she did that. They’ve made up but the ring is still lost. (Stupid woman!) She’s covering her head because she’s embarrassed.

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      2. laughing…this is so good…
        so, WHAT did he do to make her that angry!? had to have been pretty bad, to throw the ring like that.. maybe she caught him with her sister! lol

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      3. Had one last look at another girl, of course! It wouldn’t have taken much to make her mad. She’s one of those highly emotional, high-maintenance flakes. He may be better off without her.

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    1. hi Nico, that is wonderful, glad these greens fit the bill!! they weren’t paintings, as such, but boy they were enjoyable to slather the paint on 🙂 peace, and cheers, Debi

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    1. thanks Jodi, it was fun doing something like that. oh… who am I kidding!? I always have fun when I’m just playing around with my paints!! LOL
      thanks again, wishing you a lovely rest of the week! 🙂 cheers, Debi


  1. Beautiful. I got a lot of Australian Sapphires yesterday. The most captivating I’ve seen in a while. They’re deep blue near the corners but gorgeous jade emerald green in the center. Every piece is 2 to 4 carats. They feel like the ocean in the hands.

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    1. Oh lucky you! that is Fantastic Sawsan!!! they would seem like the ocean, indeed.
      any pictures to share? or maybe I will Google that color.
      Yours’ sound Exquisite.
      Not that many Americans own these gems, or even know about them. So I was surprised, and excited for you 🙂
      I’m guessing, they’re the Parti Sapphires, which have ‘multi colors.’ I have 1, in a ring Its more Green +topaz, amber, without blue. I always get comments on this ring!

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      1. Not too many people know that sapphires come in every color. All the colors of the rainbow. But you’re the color queen and you know 😉

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