Turquoise and Aquamarine Seaside Abstracts

acrylic abstract seashore, turquoise waters abstract, debiriley.com

At the Sea, relaxing in the warm gentle breeze.

Bare feet playing in the soft white sand.

Watching the waves advance and retreat, an endless meditational loop.


acrylic abstract seashore, turquoise waters abstract, debiriley.com


Creative Pursuits

OK. I admit I wasn’t there this week!!

I’ve been occupied with other forms of creative endeavors.  Taking in… and storing up colors, shapes and forms from my drives, my zen strolls, formulating lesson plans.

And  “painting hair.”


We were planning to paint on canvas this weekend. I had several brilliant ideas lined up.

I thought we could each use 5-6 large canvases and splash, pour, splatter and throw the paints on.


Yellow would be a feature color, with a pop of magenta and pink.

Maybe CTB.  For that hint of green.




Plans change.

As they do with an 11 year old girl.  Anyone else relate to that?!



So instead,  we all enjoyed the creativity that magenta-pink hair painting offered us.

Using the ‘canvas’ of her long blonde hair.

With the 3 of us involved, it was great fun.

More fun, I’m quite sure thank if we’d gone ahead and painted on the canvases!





Sea Painting

I was however, determined to use a painting for Monday’s post.


Awhile ago, I’d gone to the beach overnight and really had a wonderful time.

Immersing myself in the water, the mood, the ‘feeling’ of the place in order to better convey its unique character, and essence.

I’d taken hundreds of snapshots, as you do.


beach photographs, waves rising, tropical beach, debiriley.com
at the beach




surf and Sand at the beach, photographs of Perth beaches, debiriley.com
Surf and Sand



And being inspired by the mood of the sea I had painted on a large canvas ….just the waves coming in.

You can check that earlier post Sea Salt, Surf   showing you this painting.


It has needed more fine tuning.


Some additional resolutions to the old   image would be great as it is on quite a big canvas that I’d rather not waste.

I do like most of the image and think it has ‘potential.’


This morning I’ve played around with seeing how it would look cropped and turned around in several different formats.

These 2 were the better of the lot.



I’d used a monochromatic palette while painting this.

 Its easy, fast, less hassle.  Less likely to get muddy.  Better chance of getting my tonal values right.


But maybe next time, my palette might be:  buff titanium, white,  cobalt,  cobalt teal blue CTB,  cerulean and ultramarine blue.   They would all harmonise really well together and fit into the sea surf theme perfectly too.


seaside abstract in acrylic, debiriley.com
Changed Up, new format




By turning it over upside down and around, cropping the sides, turning it into a long vertical, etc.  creates improved designs.


And while, I still might repaint over this at some stage … for now, I can leave it.

Let it rest. While I think about it.


I’m not in a big hurry.

The waves are pleasant and breeze is warm, the sand feels so lovely and soft.





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      1. I’m laughing so hard! yes, only on sunny days in summer and in certain spots. I had a dickens of a time, scouting them out when we’d moved back for a couple years ! LOL


  1. Lovely work, Debi, I love the ocean too (and never see it that blue here in the NE of the US!! ) Really enjoyed these abstracts, Thanks for sharing them! 🙂


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