Both painting (art) and horse riding require specific skill development.

And both will require confidence.

This takes time.  Patience. Persistence….

To build the confidence and develop the boldness; that freedom to  just go do it! 


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A Confident Way


As I watched the new horse in the arena with my granddaughter up, I thought more about how confidence needs to be built up.


horse riding, learning to ride, building confidence,
A bit shy….. 


Both the rider and the new horse are uncertain.  A little bit shy, perhaps of each other.

The horse not knowing if this rider is one to fully trust, or not.

Unsure of new surroundings.

The horse by its nature, needs a strong sure leader, in order to feel secure. Safe.

Will this rider, be strong,  or timid?


nature photography, forest and tree photo, canon 600d,
New Surroundings look scary …. to a horse




The rider, still in the learning process.

Trying to put everything together seamlessly…… but not quite there yet.

Both, willing to take a risk on the other.





Fences in the paddock….

represent our innate need for both Space and Freedom to do our own thing; yet, within a known safe Boundary.

At first. When we are first beginning to learn.  That comfort zone is where we can relax a little bit.

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Paddock Fence




Risking It… That is really another  Major key.

Willingness To Take the Risk.


There is a long way to go on whatever road we choose.

Whatever hobby, or sport, etc.  we are enthused to enough to pursue.


Its ok  to falter, stumble

and … to fall.


We all will.


We’re not perfect.

We’re not going to be.  We will, however, improve.

With persistence and soft gentle patience.


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When you fall…



Just get up.

Get back on.


Your horse,  needs you.




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Horse and Rider





Building Confidence

Is about patience and kindness.

Both to the other, and your own self.

Its about perseverance in spite of the many falls we will have.


Its about being excited.

Its about the enthralment of doing what you Love.

Taking risks.  And calmly dusting yourself off and learning from the falls, not sulking or quitting.







Skills Can Be Learned

I could so easily see the similarities to art – as they rode off lead around the paddock.

Neither the bold swift certainty of brushstroke nor the confident, intuitive handling of the reins will happen overnight.



But,  art is a skill.

Just like riding is.


And skills can be learned.


Repeated.  And Mastered.



We become Confident, when we know what to do.

When the techniques and skills have become second nature to us.

Tumbles, stumbles and falls are just part of the process.





I enjoyed my Wednesday.

Art takes many forms.

Even though I didn’t  “do art”  ie paint, I felt immensely creative!


Out there.

In the paddocks. Watching the riders and the horses.



We can see that these two enjoyed their time as well.


duet horse and rider, riding photos,
Duet-  horse and rider