Semi Abstract oil painting, a coastal inlet in blues and greens.


abstract blue in oils,
Blues… in Oils



oil semi abstract painting, blue and green oil paints,
Albany Inlet Blue and Green oils … cropped detail



Preparing the Surface

The painting was done on a board that I’d previously gessoed.

Then I hammered and scratched to distress the wood.  This left many areas where the gesso had been beaten so roughly it had come off.

I then needed to redo the gesso. I did, and added  some drizzled bits of gesso as well.

The result was just what I wanted, an ultra-textured surface to work on.




Once it was dry, it was ready to go.  Choosing just a few colors that would give a strong dark with some mid tones and a lighter tone was all I really needed.

It is the Dark, the prussian blue that does the trick here.  It provides such a great contrast to the mid tone water blue.