Watercolor Cool Opposites

watercolor abstract cubes, debirley.com

It began as a test strip, mixing watercolor blues and greens.

Then I just started having fun with it.

Abstracts,  are Fun!



watercolor abstract cubes, debirley.com
Watercolor Colored Cubes


Watercolor Design Points


repetition of shapes  

I’ve used rectangular, cube shapes  throughout; with the cube inside the cube repeated 8 times top to bottom weaving the way through the design


cool dominance 

the selected temperature to dominate was cools, using blue/green for a calmer feel to offset the multitude of cubes and squares in the design



4 rows of gradually increased width to them, in a horizontal placement;  a few verticals and some diagonals occur along with the white border helps to balance the image as well

in other words, I designed this to have my 3 directionals (Horizontals, Verticals, Diagonals)  in it,  and at play – in order to create some movement and Balance


color opposites 

the blue green dominance is harmonized by the addition of their opposites (orange/red) in strategic and judicious placements  throughout





Abstract Art

This is one style, one way to approach abstract painting.

There are so many.  And sometimes, we feel the urge to venture onto the path we haven’t travelled before.

I do not normally go for angles, cubes and sharp edges.


But, this day…….. I did. Art is a great avenue for being able to choose random roads, as we will. And see where it leads us!




Watercolor Paints:

I’ve used 5 colors


ultramarine blue,

cobalt teal blue,

permanent rose, winsor lemon, phalo green, white.




Abstract Art  definitions 





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