In Golden Ambers and Topaz

nature photography, canon 600d, relax outdoors,

Such brilliant colors, my words will certainly fail to do justice.

The yellow gold raining down as I looked into the branches –

captured me.

And it was so easy to become lost within the cascade of golden ambers, citrine and topaz.


nature photography, canon 600d, relax outdoors,
Sun Gold autumns leaves


Finding Gold


The man watched. Surreptitiously.

I stood beneath his tree long enough. I wonder what he thought.

After the first 15 shots, he must have had some thoughts going on. Wondering about me and why I took 100+ photos.



I noticed him glancing over every so often, a curious expression on his face.

Can’t say as I blame him… I was there an awfully long time.


But he remained anchored and silent in his driveway.

And I remained under his tree.  For nearly 30 minutes.


Lost in the beauty.

Lost in the Moment.


nature photos, autumn gold leaves, yellow tree leaves,
Looking up

Pause and relax


I could tell you, that I needed a break from my so very strenuous hike and that’s why I paused for so long.

We know better, of course.


As mentioned in my last post  “In Fuschia”  – the walk was merely Around the block. To the local park.

So there was no aerobics going on whatsoever.


No.  It was pure relaxation.

Glorious. I should do this more often.


I’m biased, but I’m thinking that’s much better for me, than silly aerobics!!

Running by things so fast I’d never be able to properly  Look at them.  Never mind paint or photograph them.

What?  Did,  I hear … slackard?!

No!    I prefer    “thoughtful,  selective prioritisation of energies and time.”  

canon 600d macro, nature photography autumn foliage,
Zen Stroll, finding gold




golden yellow fall foliage photographs, walking in nature,
Autumn Ballet





fall foliage, golden yellow autumn tree foliage photographs,
Golden Sunburst, Fall Foliage





golden fall foliage, golden autumn tree color, autumn photography,
Gorgeous Gold


Standing beneath the tree filled with golden leaves….

Like I said,  I got lost.

Within the gold.


It was lovely.

And I was perfectly ….. Content.


That is a good place to be.

So I stayed awhile.




fall foliage in rust and reds, photography of autumn,
lovely and perfect,  this background





golden leaf in fall photo, nature walks,
Subtle Hints of light red, within the background



I hope you enjoyed my zen stroll to the park and back!


Autumn Ballet  is my favorite photograph.  There’s a sense of softness  and openness that is so very appealing.

What are your favorites…. I wonder why?




My short journey to the park and back was more rewarding than I’d expected.

I found my cascade of gold, along the way.




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29 thoughts on “In Golden Ambers and Topaz

  1. Stunning photos Debi. I love them all though I think that the first two and your choice are my favorites. Of all of them ” looking up” grand my eye and emotion. The placement of the leaf has a certs tilt that evokes a meaning for me. Importance of placement, at the right time at the right place. Thank you for sharing your Zen walk with us!

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  2. Autumn ballet is also my favourite shot out of the lot. It looks like the leaves resemble a graceful ballerina twirling – macro nicely done. It must have been a bit unnerving being watched by the man. Maybe he wondered what you were up to, or he has never seen too many photographers around. I too like to pause after hiking for a while. It’s a great moment to relax and calm down, and also a moment to take in my surroundings.

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    1. thank you Mabel that is lovely that you selected the same one; it did have the air of the dancer twirling!
      It wasn’t that bad as the man just stayed in the drive pottering about. I did hear a woman in the house having a loud disagreement with a child. So, I knew he wasn’t alone. LOL

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  3. I chose Autumn gold before i had even read to the end. It is beautiful. What I love about you is that you are not only a Dreamer but also a Doer. Thanks for sharing your work. Question-did you send the gentleman a copy of one or more of your photos? After all he cared for the tree which gave you the gold.

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    1. thank you Holly! I have a million x more ideas of things to do, than I’ll ever have energy and ability to do. but – thats ok, too! No, I didn’t see the need to go back over to the house with the tree!! the weird lady and camera can fade into the memory banks I think.

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      1. yes, Debi, you are right. No doubt the folks in question figured it out and actually enjoyed your interest in the tree. I know I loved seeing the images you made. Now i wish i could just arrive at your acceptance of the limitations life imposes on us. I can’t keep up with my own ideas. i need to accept that.

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      2. I’ve had a very. hard time. with that Holly. All my life, I’d been a dynamo! 24-7 go go. then health issue took that from me. now I have to dole out my time/energy. But… I’m alive, have my faculties & CAN paint. so, really… whats my problem?! LOL smiling! yours, in Understanding, Debi

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  4. I love them all! I am a complete lover of Autumn however 🙂 We are just hitting summer stride in Wisconsin so these pics speak of days 4 months or so down the road.

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    1. thanks! sometimes, I save some shots and post them in the North American season… but I just loved these so much. I wasn’t going to wait. the immediacy of the post felt ‘right’ – but, I do know its harder for folks over there then to ‘relate! 🙂

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  5. L O V E L Y !! ❤️ Your Photos are Stunning..Love Your Zen strolls, Debi!!..Gorgeous and inspirational!!

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  6. Me again Joanne 😊..I have to say, that My favourite is ” Looking Up” . I think it is because of the delicacy of this pose., and the way the light plays through the leaves !!..kind of like a Whispering affect..really pretty.
    I love your Camera Debi, and how you create such beautiful moments. 💛 ..for your viewers !!..J.

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    1. thanks! and yes, you got it…. it was that whisper through the wind . many have the newer cameras, maybe I will get one! but I’ve been told, its not the camera. It Is the person behind it, who creates the magic. so, i keep it. and try to do better…. each time.

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