In Fuschia

zen strolls and nature walks, flower photography,

It was time.

For another pleasant stroll to the park.

It was only to my local park… and back.

All of 1 block away.

Yes, A Full cardio workout on this one.

mmhm. I see your smirks!



zen strolls and nature walks, flower photography,
Autumn Moment in the Park


Just… To The Park


We can go so very far,  further than we’d ever imagined,  even within our  fenced enclosures.



Really, it was a magical walk this time.

Amazing. For such a very short distance, to provide so much.



I’m not complaining, though,  I thought I might.

As this particular park and I have become quite close.

So close  that I’ve thought a few times I’m just about getting bored with it.


So it was rather unexpected to find several new delights there and back on my zen stroll.

I guess, that goes to show me …. I too, can overlook a good many things along the way.




Fuschia and Green Duet


Today its about Fuschia.  

The last of Autumn’s warm light flickering upon the park flowers.

The old sturdy Canon 600d did a fairly nice job in creating a magical background.


Soft.  Peaceful.  Quiet.

Quietly inviting.

But, not too quiet.    


The tiny magenta and fuschia blossom peeps out with its white upright frills in sharp contrast.

Yellow green in the fore and bluer greens in the back provided the balance needed.

These greens were the perfect complement to the lovely fuschia.   A delightful duet.




Intentions and Wants and Plans

I do like this image quite a bit.

Even if –  it was not,  what I originally had in mind.


Funny about that.

Its probably a better image than if it had done exactly as I’d wanted!







The next post will be about the ‘gold’ I found along the way.

Below is a nugget, a  “preview”  of some of the gold I discovered.


canon 600d macro, nature photography autumn foliage,
Zen Stroll, finding gold





Canon 600d Images

canon  macro  –  Sugar and Spice 

canon flowers  –  The Faces of Yellow 

canon  The rose’s  tears 

canon   My Neighbors garden at daybreak 



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