This is a 22 x30 inch full sheet of Fabriano soft press paper I had stashed.

Its a minimalist abstract watercolor that I have just done quickly.

This morning.


watercolor abstract simplicity, light red,
Simplicity Wc Light Red


Watercolor Abstract inspirations


No labored multitude of brushstrokes.


With a very large amount of white space.




My thoughts were on creating harmony.

Inspired by Peace.




John Olsen and

Toko Shinoda running on replay in the back of my mind.

I’d just had a zen stroll and taken some shots of bark.

(with Light Red in mind as well.)


zen stroll, nature hike, tree bark photo,
zen stroll bark


Woodland Inspiration, tree photo, art of being inspired,
Tree In the Woods



Less is More.


I’m ok with the quietness and the peacefulness found in the image.

I imagine, it may be too quiet for some.

But, its just right for me, today.