Its over.


Erased from the sky as if it never was.


morning sky ablaze, sky and cloud photography,
Dawn Falls




Dawn colored up like a one time blaze in the sky, fell.

Over in less than a moment.

(90 seconds my camera told me)


So fleeting… who’d notice?


oh it was lovely, my sky.  as she fell.




sunrise, clouds, sky photography, moods in photography,
My Beautiful Sky


Dawn Falls


Dawn Falls

and then

all there is,

is grey.





Nearly, Passed It By

Sleep still blurring my eyes, no coffee in my hands.

Darkness of night just lifting. I waved him goodbye.

Out the front, the open sky was flat and empty, a dulled charcoal grey.


Entering the warmth of the house, as I turned, my eye caught and held a glimmer of scarlet.

Just a tiny segment of the sky, outside the patio doors and looking east.



Its cold outside. I’m not really awake. Nor caffeinated.

And the glimmer,  is just that.

It isn’t like its a full on whole sky lit up like fireworks…


I could,  pass it by.



I grabbed my camera

and RAN.


I had just enough time to take 12 super fast,  completely unplanned shots. Before it was all over.



I  just about overlooked  the magic of the moment.

Nearly passed by the beauty of the Dawn as she fell.




We all overlook things.  We all pass them by as if they were invisible.

As if they were already erased from existence.



I’m pleased that this time,  I took those 90 seconds

to pause

and look further.



Dawn Falls …….. surprised me.