River of Gold ‘n Umber

River of Gold ‘n Umber

Watercolors –  a river scene in warm golden umbers draws us in.

Its lovely simplicity adds to the charm, to my eye.

I used my imagination.

I used my memories of strolls from the past, to create this watercolor.


impressionist watercolor landscape, simplifying the subject, limited palette, debiriley.com
River of Gold Impressionist Watercolor


Watercolor Landscape


Choosing not to replicate ….. a photo.

But to search myself, in hopes that what would emerge would express the subject and feeling best.



Memories surfaced.

Of The Turon River and Sofala, NSW Australia.

Times we spent hiking along the river banks, playing.

And panning for gold.  As Autumn, cloaked us in her perfection.



It is Autumn, once again in Australia.

Absolutely beautiful.

perfect,  for more zen strolls……..






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23 thoughts on “River of Gold ‘n Umber

  1. I love the soft warm tones and colours you’ve used here – beautiful! I have checked out Toko Shinoda and I do like her work – awesome abstract work with minimal colour, simple shapes and design…

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    1. we each can see, things differently and uniquely Anneli! there’s nothing wrong at all with that in my opinion 🙂 we each bring to the image, a storehouse of memories…. unique to us. mine from NSW yours from the blizzard on a river.
      How, can that be ‘wrong?!! lol it can’t!
      I’m pleased to see that you engaged with the image.
      that is the most, important thing an artist can hope for. thank You! cheers, debi

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