You and I may not have hours on end everyday to go hunting for those  very special quiet places.

Places to go and just relax.

Sometimes we must make do.

Sometimes we need to look closer to home.

Right at home, in fact. Right outside our windows, to end our search for “Serenity.”

Our quest for some little bit of Quiet time.


flower photography, creative floral shots, lovely rose photos,
Quiet Times, in my rose garden



Yesterday,  I shared a wonderful place with you…. Its not too quiet here.

A lovely mossy green zen space, perfectly peaceful. Sweetly serene.

But, I did, have to go hunt for it.  It didn’t just pop out in front of me.

You know me though, I don’t mind a challenge, a bit of a climb, putting in a little effort to get what I want!



macro floral photo, rose in the sun, meditative photography,
Up Lifted



I’ve mentioned previously,  that often I need to resort to stalking the neighbor’s flower gardens.

Usually right next door, with their wide assortment of large and aromatic roses. Yum.

But.  I must have inspired both my daughter and husband as they paired up and by Mother’s Day created a gorgeous raised bed.   Full of my own roses.

I love it and am so appreciative…. I hope you, my readers won’t tire of my many upcoming, rose posts though!


rose gardens photography, yellow roses, canon 600d,
In These Quiet Places



rose garden photography,
zen –  rose




raindrops on roses, macro photography,
Quietly, they Fall


It was so much fun taking these rose shots with my old Canon 600d and the macro lens.  Then editing and cropping them in various ‘poses.’

A bit of bliss.  A bit of quiet.

Just right for a Saturday.