Its Not Too Quiet Here

Its Not Too Quiet Here

A zen kind of day.

Contentedness…. in the calm.



zen of nature, contentment found in peace,
Content, in the Calm



There is a lovely balance found here;  out in this soft delicacy and peacefulness.

Its not too quiet, no.

I don’t think so. Not at all.




I Steal Time.

I sneak away.

To find hidden places within this city’s  boundaries.

To uncover the quieter, secret places, to discover their mysteries.

To have life unfold in its beautiful ways, for me.



Its not too quiet here.

I can breathe here.

Its clear here.

Its calm here.



It wasn’t far.

But I did leave civilization, behind.

No  smartphones.


No radios, no tv,  no crowds.

Just the camera and I sharing a zen moment.

Its a beautiful day.


Its not too quiet here.




12 thoughts on “Its Not Too Quiet Here

    1. good morning Karen, thank you. I’m happy to share these wonderful places. I do realise, that not everyone is able, for one reason or another, to physically get out and go look for these places for themselves. They are too lovely to keep, for just myself.

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    1. oh it is.
      but at heart, I am a country girl.
      and am like a dog with a bone. LOL determined to hunt til I find the spot that soothes my soul with nature’s peacefulness.
      you’re right though, they are hard to find in the big city!


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