Forest Morning Haze, watercolor

Impressionist, with nearly all soft and loose edges….

just like the morning haze.

So long ago.



impressionist watercolor landscape, morning haze in the forest,
Morning Haze, watercolor study

Forest Morning Haze

This quick, loose watercolor study was painted from sheer memory.

Done in under 10 minutes, there was no laboring or fussing about.

Just expressing that time –  keeping it simple.


I no longer have the forest and mountain photographs of all the time we spent in the wilderness.

But I think my memory, serves me well enough to convey those Beautiful Days. That chapter.




When the children were little, in the summers, we used to go driving, camping, hiking, fishing all the time.

I’d pack a picnic lunch for the kids and drive to the lake or river.  It was a delightful ‘gourmet’ picnic of cheese and crackers,  maybe an apple!

Time well spent.


Best investment I could have made.





I loved the mountains, the clear crisp streams running through the forests.

And that hazy morning light, falling upon the distant hills casting such a lovely shade of misty blue.

Perhaps, you might like it too ….







  1. I love it! one of my favorites of yours, no fuss, just pure beauty and the impression, that is all it takes. Our memories are not made of photo images anyway, for me it is impression, smell and often non-descript “mind images”. You captured that in your painting… 🙂 ❤

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  2. Beautiful blue watercolour, ‘Just expressing that time – keeping it simple.’ Drawing from memory can be a powerful thing – just let our thoughts go and draw as we felt in the moment. We always remember more than we know and it takes a certain moment, maybe a moment of peace and solitude, to bring out those feelings again.

    I love a picnic of cheese and crackers. The more kinds of cheese, soft, hard and flavoured, the better 🙂


  3. wow, thanking you Jodi!
    those whites, were spots of paper left dry…. by accident. but, they ended up working for the image. I’m glad I that I held back from trying to ‘fix’ it!!!
    thanks, cheers, Debi


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