The Pond: abstract expressionism

abstract expressionism, acrylic painting on canvas,

The Pond,  an acrylic on canvas.

Definitely a painting that reflects the water theme you’ve been seeing me post so much about in recent weeks.


abstract expressionism, acrylic painting on canvas,
The Pond,  Abstract Expressionism 


Abstract Art

I consider this painting approach “Abstract Expressionism.”  It is  the one that best describes the art style here.

Below, is one of the many many,  photos I’d taken of the swamp and the pond on my zen stroll.



Take the photos.


Turn your imaginations loose.



nature photography, zen stroll with debiriley, water reflections,
Zen Stroll, The Pond




For your imaginations…..

Get lost in the dapples, the patterns, the cobalt washes and smears across the water.

In the entwined, interconnecting shapes.

The pop of greens and lovely deep near black shadows.

abstract expressionism



Express,  your SELF.    








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    1. thank you Margaret, I knew you could relate to the theme of expressionism. in the old days,
      I felt I ‘had to’ adhere to what the galleries and associations wanted me to do, to be. One dimensional, paint in one way. But I don’t work well that way. I need to every once in awhile, cut loose…. just to express out that which is within.
      for me, its a better way. to not adhere to their rules…… for their convenience.
      To simply let the paint fly, when IT says to. 🙂
      thank you Miss M! YRF

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