Bird of Paradise in my Garden

bird of paradise flower, strelitzia photograph, canon 600d, macro flower,

Birds of Paradise in my Garden.

I caught this just after a short burst of rain during the night.

Those morning rain droplets playing upon the stem,  were simply irresistible.

bird of paradise flower, strelitzia photograph, canon 600d, macro flower,
Rain Dances ……upon the Bird of Paradise


Bird of Paradise in the Garden


Strelitzia  also known as ….  Bird of Paradise.

And reminds me just a little of our recent colorful zoo Bird friend, with the crimson scarlet and bright orange.


The Bird of Paradise is so about the magic of Color.


I do feel fortunate that  “Strelitzias”   grow for me in our dry,  colander like  sandy soil.





Surprisingly, these magnificent flowers flourish in my garden, where not much else will.

I’ve tried all sorts of pretty flowers, garden vegies, raised beds, etc.  Its been a struggle.

We have come to an understanding.

Rosemary, Lavender, Bouganvillia, Grevillea, Olive, Mulberry and Fig trees.  And Bird of Paradise.

These will survive in my gardens.

The grass.  Is another story.



Our Giant Bird of Paradise has grown lush and tall.

I think it will have a blossom this year. I’m so excited.

Their blossoms are so massive!  A lovely cream with pale lilac stamens.


So, I can hardly wait.

Well. I have waited. Its been 6 years since its been planted.



Paradise Inspirations

I’ve been inspired countless times by their color, their shapes.

And have used my imagination to paint and create from them in so many media, techniques and styles.  They make superb teaching and learning tools and props for workshops and classes. Drawing, printing, painting.  My students probably don’t realise ….. nothing else grows at my place!



One of my watercolors is available at   Society 6 debiriley    as cards, prints,

bright bird of paradise greeting cards, debi riley art, flower cards for Mothers day, Society 6,
Bird of Paradise… Greeting Cards    debiriley @Society6 shop




Strelitzia photograph in zen sculptural pose,
Strelitzia Zen


strelitzia blue, oil painting abstract in blue and orange, debi riley art
Stamen in Blue, Strelitzia,   oil painting abstract



watercolor strelitzia, bird of paradise watercolour, mixing greens in watercolor, botanical leaves, ultramarine blue pb29, winsor lemon py175, prussian blue pb27,
Giant Strelitzia, Loose and bold watercolors



watercolor Strelitzia with ink,
Watercolor and Ink Strelitzia



photo of bird of paradise, strelitzia, for painting,
Garden Bird of Paradise



watercolor Bird of paradise, student art,
student’s fun with  Bird of Paradise,  workshop




Color and the Bird of Paradise

This flower shouts out boldly with its  “Look At ME” colors.

The bright glowing yellow orange petals rising upwards, are in contrast with the deep ultramarine stamen stabbing like a sword in parry.

Viridian and Cerulean blend. The Alizarin Crimson cuts sharp across the edges.



With the Bird of Paradise, it is about Color.





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23 thoughts on “Bird of Paradise in my Garden

    1. thanks, yes! finally after so much wasted money on 100’s of other plants Susan! my word.
      glad you enjoyed these colors, they are nice and summery. chirpy! 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  1. Beautiful flower, I haven’t seen one in years, I think that they are all in So. California rather than around here. Gorgeous colors aren’t they? you reminded me of what a beautiful flower they are. 😉


  2. Debi,
    I have a friend, a potter with a California room, who grows them indoors-huge and gorgeous! We can not have them here but oh do we have grass! Please, if you are ever coming East, contact me.. Consider a visit to Esperanza, my home in Connecticut where i foolishly persist tin trying to grow lavender, rosemary,and figs. Aren’t human beings foolish!
    I’d love to take a Zen walk with you.

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    1. thank you Holly!! that would be delightful. my distant ancestors came from RI, MA and CT and so its been on my bucket list to go. esp in Autumn! you are so lucky there, with that foliage 🙂 and yes, indeed, mortal man is quite a contrary and perverse creature, doing things in such relentless futility. it makes me wonder. …. at my self! 🙂

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  3. Hi Debi, that top photo of the rain dances on Strelitzia is spectatcular, love the DOF in that!! Your art, is always amazing. Now about the garden… Here in our Northern California garden we have raised beds with fruits & veggies along with several fruit trees (apples, fig, lemon, goji, lime, asian pear) that grow nicely, we even have grass (which is overa-rated because you have to mow)… BUT we don’t have (and can’t seem to grow) a lovely Bird of Paradise like yours! I hate to keep trying because i don’t want to subject anyone to a premature death.. So I’ll just admire yours! PS. that stamen in blue is yummy!

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    1. hi Deb, thank you very much for such a thoughtful comment 🙂 Northern Cal is a lovely place! cooler, than here so that’s why the BOP is so tricky there. YUM to the fig. Growing up in PacNW Olympia area, we had big gardens every summer. not much watering was needed either. But, there was so much mowing!!! LOL thanks again Deb, cheers 🙂


    1. thank you, they did. they were wc Beginners and they all gained so much from the 2 day course. And I thought each one, went home with a great piece – done from real life flowers makes a difference! cheers, Debi

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