Say it, like you mean it.  Art that speaks a message stays longer with us than ‘pretty.’

Creating art rich in symbolic meaning, in content, in depth has always intrigued me.

Layering textures, colors, brushstrokes, with meaning that will remain with the viewer has always been my driving purpose.

Its like a little siren call.

Inspiring me to dig deeper. Stretch a bit further.

Communicate more, through my art imagery.



acrylic abstracts, symbolic art with a message,


Favorite Art

I’ve held onto this acrylic abstract for some time.

It is a personal favorite of mine.


Even though,  its not bright or ‘pretty’ or soft.

No. Quite the opposite.

Its deep and strong.   With every brushstroke loaded as if it was a meaningful whispered word.


And no matter how you look at it, no matter how you present it…. there is more to see within its depths.

abstract acrylic painting in neutrals, painting symbolic images,
Vertical, Caught



Typically, I don’t “do” black.

Indigo yes, absolutely.

But Black, hasn’t been on my regular palette. It does, have its place on occasion.

It worked well for this image.


abstract acrylic painting, communicating messages in art,
Square, solidity




The Neutral colors in a Limited palette of just white, black, buff titanium and quinacridone sienna kept the piece unified.

Keeping the lovely strong brushmarks to one area of the piece, helped to balance it out.


brushmarks in layers, acrylic abstract in neutral palette,
Rising and Falling … the bristled brush marks


Stories we tell

When we paint.

Every stroke, every layer is filled with some type of input from the artist.

Choices that are done even in autopilot, have their meanings woven into the image.


The easy things to look for are vertical, horizontal, diagonal movements.  Each speaks its own message.

Shapes- squares, circles, etc.  impart content as well.Textures, colors and subject matter.

When you stop and think a moment on these things you realise, they all, are as words to the subconscious mind.

Telling a Story.



Once you start looking at art this way,  you really don’t ever stop.

The mind is a very curious thing.

And it always, wants to know, to inquire. To find out.



art formats and presentation, changing the look of art,
The Fallen

Freeing the Imagination

Various formats have been used with my painting.

Looking at these different presentations, allows the mind to fill in gaps.

To imagine.

To look within the art perhaps a little deeper, than if just given the one option with a single format.



Abstract Art and Beginners

With abstract art, it is always more difficult for beginners to be comfortable.

To know what they ‘should’ be seeing.

To know what is ‘meant’ to be there.



In my opinion, Abstract art, can be as simple as trying to Express an emotion.

Or can be as complicated as …..a world class orchestra playing an elaborate symphony.


The viewer, simply needs to glean what they can.

This time.

Next time, they will feel more. See more.  Hear More.



The visual artist, like the musician, would like the audience to be touched by the art, to feel something.

I like the music analogy.

It comes closest to describing the experience of art for me.


Looking into a snippet of the painting is like  listening intently to the finest notes of the song being played. 


acrylic abstract,
unbound in time



With this image, I can easily sit and just look.

Creating stories as I do.

Unleashing my imagination.

I find it so serene. Meditational.



A very interesting thing about this painting is its size.

Its a miniature.