Stories …. told, through art

brushmarks in layers, acrylic abstract in neutral palette,

Say it, like you mean it.  Art that speaks a message stays longer with us than ‘pretty.’

Creating art rich in symbolic meaning, in content, in depth has always intrigued me.

Layering textures, colors, brushstrokes, with meaning that will remain with the viewer has always been my driving purpose.

Its like a little siren call.

Inspiring me to dig deeper. Stretch a bit further.

Communicate more, through my art imagery.



acrylic abstracts, symbolic art with a message,


Favorite Art

I’ve held onto this acrylic abstract for some time.

It is a personal favorite of mine.


Even though,  its not bright or ‘pretty’ or soft.

No. Quite the opposite.

Its deep and strong.   With every brushstroke loaded as if it was a meaningful whispered word.


And no matter how you look at it, no matter how you present it…. there is more to see within its depths.

abstract acrylic painting in neutrals, painting symbolic images,
Vertical, Caught



Typically, I don’t “do” black.

Indigo yes, absolutely.

But Black, hasn’t been on my regular palette. It does, have its place on occasion.

It worked well for this image.


abstract acrylic painting, communicating messages in art,
Square, solidity




The Neutral colors in a Limited palette of just white, black, buff titanium and quinacridone sienna kept the piece unified.

Keeping the lovely strong brushmarks to one area of the piece, helped to balance it out.


brushmarks in layers, acrylic abstract in neutral palette,
Rising and Falling … the bristled brush marks


Stories we tell

When we paint.

Every stroke, every layer is filled with some type of input from the artist.

Choices that are done even in autopilot, have their meanings woven into the image.


The easy things to look for are vertical, horizontal, diagonal movements.  Each speaks its own message.

Shapes- squares, circles, etc.  impart content as well.Textures, colors and subject matter.

When you stop and think a moment on these things you realise, they all, are as words to the subconscious mind.

Telling a Story.



Once you start looking at art this way,  you really don’t ever stop.

The mind is a very curious thing.

And it always, wants to know, to inquire. To find out.



art formats and presentation, changing the look of art,
The Fallen

Freeing the Imagination

Various formats have been used with my painting.

Looking at these different presentations, allows the mind to fill in gaps.

To imagine.

To look within the art perhaps a little deeper, than if just given the one option with a single format.



Abstract Art and Beginners

With abstract art, it is always more difficult for beginners to be comfortable.

To know what they ‘should’ be seeing.

To know what is ‘meant’ to be there.



In my opinion, Abstract art, can be as simple as trying to Express an emotion.

Or can be as complicated as …..a world class orchestra playing an elaborate symphony.


The viewer, simply needs to glean what they can.

This time.

Next time, they will feel more. See more.  Hear More.



The visual artist, like the musician, would like the audience to be touched by the art, to feel something.

I like the music analogy.

It comes closest to describing the experience of art for me.


Looking into a snippet of the painting is like  listening intently to the finest notes of the song being played. 


acrylic abstract,
unbound in time



With this image, I can easily sit and just look.

Creating stories as I do.

Unleashing my imagination.

I find it so serene. Meditational.



A very interesting thing about this painting is its size.

Its a miniature.






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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

53 thoughts on “Stories …. told, through art

    1. hi Jill, thank you so much! Its been great to hear that you found some interesting bits and pieces here to enjoy! have a wonderful weekend…. Cheers, Debi

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  1. Yours is the first abstract art that I enjoy looking at. Generally I haven’t liked it, but yours speaks to me. Its colours and textures tease images and stories out of my imagination.

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    1. Anneli, thank You! again you are so very kind, its appreciated. I’m really happy, that I have in some way given you more ways, to look at art with perhaps an better understanding of Abstracts. those tricky things! and even if, at first, mine, might be the only ones you ‘get’ enjoy right now; I’m pretty sure, as time rolls by, that gradually someone else’s Abstracts will draw your eye. again, and again. Well, thats kind of how it happened to Me! LOL Cheers, Debi

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      1. You have enough of a clue in your paintings to suggest images that could be in there. I find that when there’s some focal point, like something that could be an eye (for example) then the rest of the image seems to come out of the picture. I find that this when I look at my floor tiles. I see faces in there that are not purposely put in the design. Anyway, whatever you do, it’s a success!

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      2. smiling!!! thank YOU Miss Anneli! you have a wonderful, innate sense of artistic creativity from what I’ve gathered from you. I’d begun to Wonder… what Anneli might imagine… with soft melting pastels in her hand and the sea & sky in her mind…
        But. My Mind, does that! LOL enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness, this post itself is a piece of art. I love what you created in these abstracts. I agree with you about abstracts which are becoming more and more my playground, my church away from church. Digging deeper is never ending and oh what a joy! A question for you….how small is your painting?

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    1. my dear Miss M…… Thank YOU!! you always know what to say 🙂 love your phrase, church away from church…. it sings! and the size of the painting here, is 4×5 inches give or take a pinch. I wouldn’t mind, ‘one day’ taking the cropped versions and repainting. in Oils an monster size canvases. its an idea, in my 10million to do. LOL thank you ❤ YRF

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      1. I start usually with a matt on my painting. But then, once the painting is on the computer…. Then, I start again, cropping in odd and interesting ways. ‘just to see’ what it might look like! I’ve begun to use the computer this way, lately. 🙂

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    1. thank you Evelyn, yes this thing was really organized with just a few, basic shapes. not alot of ‘frou frou’ LOL I’m happy you found things of interest in this and let me know! cheers, Debi


    1. Hi V, thank you! I appreciate each time you share your thoughts about a post/image. I’m glad, to have given you a good surprise!! 🙂


    1. hi Michael, thank YOU! I’m happy you enjoyed this and found things of interest here….. thank you, for letting me know you got something out of this post! cheers, Debi

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    1. Madame….. thank you for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it! and, really to ‘be a painter’ is merely one brave act of picking up a brush – and slamming it down upon the canvas. in what ever mood, one might be in at the time. its not so much, trying to ‘Replicate’ a thing, for we all have cameras… its more, about us. about our personal feelings about the subject. our unique (thank goodness) interpretations.
      by wishing. by wanting….. there must be some inner artistic creativity within – that wants out. so, I suspect. If you want, get a brush. get a color. and whack it onto the paper. splatter it. knife it on. use a spray mister to spritz and diffuse it.
      FOR FUN !
      cheers, and Thank You……. Debi

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      1. That is very encouraging -thank you.
        And I made a few attempts as well.
        The frustration is not being able to match on paper the image of, say the sky that stirred something in me; the depth, the light, the color. Makes me think I need to know more about at least the basics.
        But I will give it a shot again..
        “its not so much, trying to ‘Replicate’ a thing, for we all have cameras”- well said!

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      2. you’re welcome! yes, its frustrating to start when the hand and brush don’t match what your heart wants to say… but, by sheer volume of practice, you get there 🙂

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    1. Sherry, I must say, your kind comments – made me smile! Thank You. I’m very pleased you enjoyed this, and thanks for letting me know 🙂 have a wonderful Spring, weekend Cheers, Debi

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    1. Hi Sawsan, first, Thank You for such touching comments… always, appreciated 🙂 and it is rewarding to hear that you received from this post that which I’d hoped to give.
      Cheers, have a lovely weekend. Debi

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    1. that is so awesome, Thank You!
      smiling ….. I have to chuckle, seeing as many of my recents posts haven’t been crash hot, I had no expectations anyone would care for this one either! LOL
      I’m a bit surprised. Happy surprise, of course! you know, I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the post/images and let me know. Thank you for doing that, Cheers, Debi

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    1. holly, thank you 🙂 I am really pleased that this has given you something! I’m happy to share my thoughts on art and creativity with you all – and I try, to make them ‘Make Sense!! Cheers, Debi

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  3. A great post and powerful message for artists and viewers – what pulls me into a painting is the strength of the message and elements. Here your work produces strength through the strong contrasts and lines, with the circles causing quiet friction. A wonderful piece of work Debi.

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  4. I’d have never guessed it’s a miniature. Very powerful piece, I’m almost seeing timepieces spiraling and floating downward. I’m not usually so into black either but loving the composition and texture too in this 3d 💜

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    1. greetings!! (LL)9 gosh, how are you?, whats new? LOL its so Great to hear from you here! thank you Laura… I’m more excited to hear from you, than anything artsy really!

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      1. ((((((3d)))))) nice to “see” you too 😎 having fatigue issues, still trying to find foods that don’t agree at this point. Feels like a lifetime struggle lol. Need to add more variety to my diet, I think that would really help. Picky eater, tho, so bit of a challenge. All else is well tho, hope you’re well too! 💗

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      2. do you have a crystal ball or something?!! lol pretty much same here. at any rate, I really COULD just email you and not wait to ‘see’ you on WP. (really debi! whats wrong with you?! ) rme sorry about the fatigue/exhaustion. i totally, utterly ‘get it. and i’m pretty sure, not too many friends/family do, well speaking for my self anyway. can you eat fruits? kale or beet powder? do you take zinc. ignore this, if you want!!!
        hope that you take it …relaxed and steady. (LL)9 and of course, be kind to yourself 🙂 your friend, debi

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      3. Sorry to hear same for you ((((((3d)))))) people do try to understand but it’s one of those things, unless you’ve experienced it….you know. Please suggest away, drs are a big anxiety hit for me so I’ve not got back on the medical merrygoround again even tho I probably should. I can eat fruit and usually I have a kale/avocado/pineapple smoothie daily which seems to help. Apples sometimes help. Not always. Potato chips taste great but my body can’t take as many of them as I like to eat so it’s prob all or nothing there. Can’t do much of any type sweetener at all. Almost nil. Org maple syrup seems to be best if I ever do. Grains are pretty much hated and I did find sun butter works ok instead of PB. the main thing is I need more variety. And a way to make food in bulk and freeze it – and still have variety. That’s where I am now. Need to go back to the paleo cookbooks and try and convince myself to force this body to eat different foods. My body would really like it I think. It’s convincing my taste buds and doing it in bulk that is tough for me. I’m not a kitchen person. God has a great sense of humor! I’ve never tried kale powder or beer powder and the only zinc I getting is (probably) in my multivitamin. I take extra D, C, B complex, Quercetin for nasal allergies and fish oil. And probiotic every AM, calc/magnesium at night. No dairy either. Sorry I just wrote a book. I hope you’re being kind to yourself too!!! ((((((3d)))))) 💗

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      4. medjool dates are a great sweetener. puree them. great on the kale. Beet powder has tons of minerals. try dried figs too. I’ve given up on Grains. potatos and rice, IF i feel like. the wider your veg/fruit list the less you have to worry. I don’t/can’t do dairy. so have to supplement. Soups and Stews are always Great to make and freeze. I’ve given up on ‘treats’ cookies etc. i just eat fruits. simpler. (LL) yes… I’m on a “kindness kick” atm LOL

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  5. I like the way you sneak teaching moments into your posts. This is a nice abstract btw. The muted colors and the mix of textures and shapes.

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